Disposing of bog mats under the EUTR

The EU Timber Regulation comes into effect on March 3rd 2013, and raises the question of how best to dispose of bog mats that have reached the end of their useful lifespan, if you are investing in some new timber mats for sale from that date onwards.

Last week we looked at the importance of using legitimate suppliers of timber mats for sale, as you will have a responsibility to ensure that your new bog mats are made of legally sourced timber.

But what about disposing of your old bog mats? Thankfully, the regulations are reasonably open on that point.

The EU Timber Regulation specifically does not apply to used timber that it may be possible to dispose of through recycling, which is likely to apply to the vast majority of old bog mats.

It states: "Bearing in mind that the use of recycled timber and timber products should be encouraged ... used timber and timber products that have completed their lifecycle, and would otherwise be disposed of as waste, should be excluded from the scope of this Regulation."

As such, you should be free to dispose of your old timber mats in any appropriate environmentally responsible way that avoids sending them to landfill.

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