Three ways to use piling rig mats

Piling rig mats can do more than just provide a stable platform on which piling operations can be carried out.

Although this is, of course, a crucial application for piling mats – especially on soft ground or where there may be hidden cavities below the surface – these versatile and durable timber mats can have broader applications than you might realise.

For example, as well as creating a piling platform, the same kind of timber mats can be used to create a temporary roadway, allowing mobile equipment to gain access to the work site and to traverse unstable ground.

Site Access

Use piling rig mats to create an access route to all kinds of work sites. This is ideal where there is no road into a site or where the land around it is soft or boggy.

Piling rig mats can create temporary access roads on some of the most challenging terrain, even including a platform to bring machinery on to a beach or other tidal zone.

Temporary Roadway

Even sites with good access can sometimes benefit from building a temporary roadway for heavy mobile piling rig equipment.

By laying piling rig mats end to end, you can establish a solid and consistent surface, making it easier for mobile equipment to move across the site, whether it is on wheels or on tracks.

In this way you not only improve the operating conditions for your staff and prevent damage to equipment; you also spread the pressure across the land beneath, reducing the risk of tyres getting bogged down or breaking through into cavities below.

Piling Rig Platform

Finally, of course piling rig mats can be used to create a piling platform, with our without a temporary access roadway required.

Piling mats can be used with outrigger pads where appropriate, similar to crane mats, so that if your piling rig has outriggers for extra stability, the outrigger mats dissipate the pressure of these to reduce the risk of toppling on soft ground.

As with all of our timber mats, piling rig mats are versatile and durable, and can help you to bring projects in on time and on budget, even in the most challenging weather conditions and environments.

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