Crane Mats & Outrigger Pads

Timbermat crane mats and outrigger pads provide a heavy duty, solid surface to help build a strong, stable and durable roadway, walkway or working platform for cranes and outriggers. Timber mats are constructed from either oak or tropical hard woods and our 200mm mats are capable of carrying up to 75 tons per mat. Some of our mats are also manufactured with two lifting points, which enables the mat to be easily lifted into place.

You can use outrigger pads alongside our crane roadway mats to stabilise lifting vehicles on the move and when stationary. We also have crane mats and outrigger pads for hire that can be returned once you have finished with them, making an affordable temporary solution for short-term projects.

Our crane mats and outrigger pads measure up to 3m, helping to spread the load of even large crane outriggers, and are either 150mm, 200mm and 300mm thickness for stable, solid support. Our range of outrigger mat sizes include:

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Please click the image below to view our gallery of crane mats:

Heavy Duty Crane Mats & Outriggers
Heavy Duty Crane Mats & Outrigger Pads
heavy duty crane mats
Heavy Duty Crane Mats & Outrigger Pads
Download our product datasheet for our full crane mats and outrigger pads specifications.

All of the timber used in our crane mats comes from sustainable sources, in line with current legislation for responsible forestry. FSC Registration number: CUC-COC-817978.

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