Demolition Protection Mats

Demolition Protection Mats are designed for the purpose of demolition works in order to provide additional support for plant, to protect sensitive areas and underground services. In our product range, we offer two types of mats to our customers, one of which is 150mm and the other being 200mm. Both of these demolition protection mats are extremely safe during these works and we ensure that the mats themselves are very robust and hard-wearing.

With the heavy duty protection mats, they are built to withstand and absorb shock and noise while also protecting the surfaces beneath them. The mats have a high level of durability and are strong enough to resist vehicle traffic. As most demolition works take place outside, these mats are made so they are weather resistant and are able to cope in other extremes in temperature, making the overall versatility of the protection mat very high.

The demolition process requires heavy machinery to tear down buildings and other man-made structures. During this process, the ground around the building or structure needs to be protected and our demolition protection mats are the perfect solution. We offer our customers expert advice on which mat is right for your project and work to continuously assist with any demolition works that may need to take place.

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Manchester University Demolition Protection Mats
Manchester University Demolition Protection Mats
Manchester University Demolition Protection Mat
Manchester University Demolition Protection Mat


















If you have any further questions or request any further advice on demolition protection mats, then please contact our dedicated hire team today for a solution right for you. Call us on 08000 12 1231 or fill out our online contact form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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