Ground Protection Mat Applications

Ground protection mats form a vital part of any construction firm’s toolbox, with the versatile products able to be used for different reasons on projects in a range of locations. Following is five examples of just how ground protection mats could be used to help protect your site. 

Keep roads in perfect condition 

Standard roads may initially seem like a less obvious choice for utilising ground protection mats. They’re already used by vehicles on a regular basis, after all. 

However, regular use of a section of road by heavy construction vehicles, in addition to materials being unloaded and put on the road, puts extra strain on the road and can lead to damage being caused over time. 

Ground protection mats spread this load, reducing the risk of vehicles and equipment damaging the road. In addition to this, having mats in place protects the road from any debris which may fall over the course of construction. 

Protect the grass 

When working in an area which requires use of grassy areas, replacing destroyed grass upon completion of the project is almost accepted as an inevitability by those managing projects. This doesn’t need to be the case, however. 

When using ground protection mats, the weight is spread in such a way that the grass is often left in fine condition upon project completion. 

Alongside using ground protection mats to mark routes for people and vehicles, they allow you to use grass for staging areas, making keeping vital equipment at-hand a much simpler prospect. 

Cover mud 

The bane of any construction project, muddy ground makes navigation extremely difficult and can dramatically slow down a project, potentially leading to significant financial losses. 

Because of this, ground protection mats are commonly used on muddy ground. They provide a stable, solid working surface and make access to the site much easier, helping everyone keep their projects running on time. 

If the ground looks like it may become difficult over time, using ground protection mats from the start of the project can stop damage from occurring. This makes the project easier throughout means you have less landscaping work to do upon completion. 

Repair canals 

Canal maintenance is a time-consuming, difficult process, with the bottom of a drained canal often fragile and unstable. 

Ground protection mats provide you with a stable, dry work surface, allowing maintenance to be completed at a much faster pace. They are particularly useful when the bottom of the canal itself has become damaged, allowing you to create a stable surface right up to the damaged area and make safe repairs. 

Stabilise sand 

Possibly the most unstable, challenging work surface can even be made simple to work on with a few ground protection mats. 

This is particularly useful if, for example, you are bringing items shipped by coastal barge ashore. Individual mats can be quickly and easily moved into place, allowing you to create a temporary roadway or staging area as required. 


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