The next step in Timbermats future after 23 years of trading, our own onsite production plant.

The first timber mat supplier in the UK to offer this currently unique service.

The finest grade of Oak is being imported from the USA who have an abundance of high quality certified timber. Sourced and felled to SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative).

Manufactured to the highest standards using only certified high quality timber, and graded M24 steel bars, ensuring a safe sturdy platform or roadway.

Timber mats will be continually in production at the newly built mat production plant, increasing our stock daily to maintain continued growth.

Our new production facilities will also be able to offer manufacturing of timber mats to our customers own bespoke specifications to suite their particular project.

For large volume orders we can offer a dedicated team to complete your supply quickly, and to the highest standard.

Tropical species such as Ekki will also be manufactured into high quality heavy duty mats. These timbers are renowned for there long life durability especially in wet conditions and are non-porous and not prone to rot or insect attack.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or requirements.



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