Timbermat’s customers have no need to worry because all of our portable roadways and ground protection mats are already properly tested and certified and meet the new EU regulations. [link url=”http://www.timbermat.co.uk/products/hardwood-portable-roadways”]portable roadways[/link] Under the new regulations, all companies placing timber products on the EU market will have to follow due diligence and be able to show evidence who they buy their products from and to who they sell them on to. Records must be kept for at least five years. Responsibly sourcing our wood is top priority for us at Timbermat Ltd and our customers are particularly discerning, many wanting assurances that the timber products they buy or hire meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility. In today’s market, which is increasingly driven by sustainability, we are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of sustainable timber products. Our extensive research means we only work with reputable companies who are environmentally-conscious – from the planting of a tree to dividing it up for timber. For years, the word Ekki has been synonymous with temporary roadways and the construction industry but this could be changing. Timbermat have long been anticipating the demise of Ekki as the new regulations are introduced because of the implications on tropical timber, and that is why we have been continually researching alternative woods which have similar qualities to Ekki. These are more sustainable species and are more widely available with no threat to the environment so our clients have no need to panic, and can be assured that we have the UK’s largest stocks of certified timbermats. [link url=”http://www.timbermat.co.uk/”]Ekki[/link]

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