Durable piling rig mats from Timbermat create a solid and stable platform for piling rigs on ground that would ordinarily not provide enough support for the heavy machinery used in the process.

The benefits of using piling rig mats

Like other timber mats, these serve as ground protection mats – preventing substantial damage to the surface beneath – but crucially also help to ensure machinery placed on top can be used safely, with less risk of toppling over during drilling operations.

Available in two different sizes, these are some of the most hard-wearing and long-lasting timber mats available, in recognition of the intensive loads placed upon them.

For smaller projects, there are also medium-duty piling rig mats, which still offer great performance under high-pressure loads, but use slightly less timber and may be easier to move into place with the lifting equipment typically available on smaller sites.

In either case, the strong and sturdy timber mats allow you to construct drilling rig platforms for piling projects, and are also up to the task of taking the weight of heavy plant and vehicles so that you can create a platform for all of your mobile equipment that can remain in place throughout drilling and construction.

Piling rig mats for hire and sale from Timbermat

We have drilling rig mats for hire immediately throughout the UK and Ireland, and we can also supply piling rig mats for sale, if you need a permanent stock of your own or prefer to make a long-term investment rather than rent piling rig mats on an ad hoc basis.

Larger numbers of mats can be combined to create platforms over large areas of unstable ground, or flat and level temporary roadways across the site – and you can combine this with our other timber mats, outrigger pads and so on to make sure you have covered all of the bases on your project.

Piling rig mats come in 150 mm and 200 mm thickness, and can be delivered to your location anywhere in the UK and Ireland. To find out more or to make an enquiry about piling rig mats for hire or for sale, fill in our online contact form, email info@timbermat.co.uk or call us on 08000 12 1231

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