One of the things you will need to know when ordering bog mats for hire or for sale is what size bog mats you actually need – but don’t worry, as it’s fairly straightforward to decide.

Bog Mats – dimensions

Standard bog mats come in a range of different sizes and thicknesses, and in terms of area you can usually choose between 3m or 5m in length and 1m in width.

But it is the thickness of bog mats that really affects how much load they can bear, and they range from 70mm thick up through 100 and 150mm to the very thickest mats of 200 and 250mm thick.

At this thickest end of the range there are larger area bog mats to choose from two, at 1m width and 6m length, and these can help to cover a larger site with a thick, solid and stable ground protection layer.

How thick or thin does a bog mat need to be?

Thinner mats are still relatively solid, and 70mm bog mats should bear the weight of lighter construction vehicles like dumpers without any problems, at loads of up to 35 tonnes in total.

Go up to 100mm bog mats and you can expect your temporary roadway to withstand vehicle loads up to 45 tonnes, while 150mm bog mats can handle up to around 60 tonnes.

The thickest bog mats can withstand even heavier loads, but are also often used on very unstable ground, such as on sand or during works in tidal conditions.

For very poor ground conditions where heavy cranes need to pass over it, consider our Emtek laminated system, which measures in at 1.75m by 4.9m and 89mm thick, but is highly effective at spreading vehicle loads.

When do you need extra grip?

And finally, for extra grip and effective ground protection, Timbermat Ground Guards have a textured surface that makes them ideal for use as temporary pedestrian walkways in challenging conditions.

Whatever you need, there is a bog mat to suit the task at hand, and we are always happy to advise on the correct thickness if you’re not certain.

We can also advise on issues of accessibility, for example if you need to lay a temporary pathway suitable for wheelchair users as well as for pedestrians on foot.

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