The purpose of bog mats is to protect the ground when it is
subjected to heavy use. Without them, you might find that the quality of the
ground fast disintegrates, which can lead to long lasting damage that will take
a long time to repair. Not using bog mats can also be dangerous for the people
who are working on a site. This is because, with heavy use, the ground can often become churned up, muddy and slippery. This makes it
harder for people to traverse, which could potentially result in accidents if
proper precautions are not taken. It can also make it harder for vehicles and
machines to access the site, which can slow down the process of completing the
project – in a world where time is money this could have a big impact on the
project as a whole. Bog mats will help to make your project run more smoothly,
ensuring safe access to construction and other sites while minimising the
disruption that is caused to the ground in the process.

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