Civil Engineering

Our heavy duty mats are ideally suited to large engineering projects, creating a stable platform on which work can be carried out, a safe space for equipment and vehicles to manoeuvre, and a staging area for civil engineering materials to be stored until they are needed.

Bog mats serve many different purposes on sites where civil engineering work is in progress, as well as surrounding land and routes to bring civil engineering materials and machinery to the site:

  • Reduce point pressure on land with buried utilities, basements, storage tanks and other cavities.
  • Span patches of poor ground, prevent subsidence, bogged down wheels and toppled vehicles.
  • Create solid working platforms for heavy plant, lifting vehicles, cranes and piling rigs.
  • Overcome difficult ground features including exposed channels, drains, wet and tidal land.
  • Demarcate safe routes on to and across sites for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

These are just some of the advantages to using heavy duty mats on sites with specific ground quality problems, or on an active job site as a precautionary measure and to make the movement of vehicles, equipment and civil engineering materials easier.

About emtek® heavy-duty mats

For heavy equipment and greater loading capacity and for use on sites where environmental compliance is a must, emtek® heavy-duty mats are a good option.

Thanks to their laminated billet construction, emtek® heavy equipment mats are able to provide strength characteristics comparable with much thicker ground protection mats.

In addition to this, their clean construction means they can be used on environmentally sensitive sites, even on wetlands where multiple mats can be stacked to act as supports with dry bog mats used to bridge between them above the water level.

The thinner construction of emtek® heavy equipment mats means they are lighter and take up less space during transport, cutting shipping costs by up to 50%, while multiple mats simply clip together at the edges to create a continuous working platform with no gaps.

Heavy duty mats for sale and hire

We appreciate that many organisations working in the civil engineering sector have a continual need for ground protection mats due to regular demolition or infrastructure work and operating with heavy plant.

Because of this, we hold quantities of stock of heavy equipment mats in a range of European hardwood and tropical hardwood timbers, including Ekki timber mats that offer market-leading strength characteristics.

Our close partnerships with sustainable timber suppliers in Europe and Africa mean we can also source additional mats if required, allowing us to cater for very large orders without difficulties.

If you are working on a one-off civil engineering project or a particular site poses specific demands that you will only face in the short term, we have heavy duty mats to hire that you can return to Timbermat once the work is completed.

Our thickest heavy equipment mats

Generally speaking, thicker bog mats can take heavier loads and more demanding use, but the special laminated billet design of emtek® heavy equipment mats makes them different.

Each emtek® heavy-duty mat measures in at 4.9m x 1.75m x 89 mm thick, only slightly thicker than our 70 mm standard timber mats, yet capable of withstanding pressures of over 4,000 psi when in use on solid ground.

Alternatively, you may opt for ordinary hardwood timber mats, in which case our thickest heavy-duty mats are able to handle the heaviest traffic.

We have tropical hardwood mats including Ekki bog mats that offer unparalleled strength and durability, in sizes up to 1m x 5m and 200-300 mm thick.

Ask about emtek® heavy equipment mats

Timbermat’s expert timber merchant team is here to help with any enquiries about emtek® heavy equipment mats or any of our heavy duty mats for use on civil engineering projects and the most challenging of job sites.

We welcome enquiries by telephone if you want an immediate answer from one of our timber experts – you can call us on 08000 12 12 31 with any questions and queries.

Alternatively, fill in our online contact form to send us a message in writing and we will get back to you with our support and suggestions as soon as we can.

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