Use heavy duty crane mats at the ‘right’ angle

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When using heavy duty crane mats to spread the weight of a very large tracked vehicle, an important rule of thumb is to remember that the timber crane pads should be used at 90 degrees to the direction of the tracks. Remember – a right angle is the ‘right’ angle – because if you lay […]


How crane mats and outrigger pads protect the ground during lifting

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Our articles often talk about soft ground and the importance of ground protection mats to prevent wheels from getting bogged down, or wet soil churned up into a quagmire of deeply rutted mud. But for heavy crane vehicles – which are often used on hard ground – it is essential to make sure suitable crane […]


Bog mats help cope with rapid weather changes

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With extremes of weather occurring not just more frequently, but also seemingly more randomly too, bog mats are likely to become an increasingly important way to protect ground conditions against the effects of rapidly changing weather patterns. September has been an unusual month for many parts of the UK, with some areas swinging back and […]

Pedestrian Walkway Mats

Bog mats create temporary pathways for wheelchair users

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When we talk about using bog mats to create temporary pathways for pedestrians, it is often a question of convenience – of making sure people on foot can access outdoor sites without having to trek through mud to get there. But in some circumstances, even a small amount of mud can make outdoor locations completely […]

European Oak Hardwood Bog Mats

Timber mats – the original sustainable ground protection mats

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Sustainable ground protection mats are growing in importance all the time as more businesses aim to satisfy their own environmental obligations, as well as catering to the eco concerns of customers. And while you may see various kinds of recyclable and recycled ground protection mats advertised, there are no more sustainable ground protection mats than […]


Why use timber mats for temporary pedestrian walkways?

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It’s easy to see the benefits of timber mats for temporary roadways – preventing heavy vehicles from getting bogged down in mud, protecting the ground surface from being churned up, and helping to spread the pressure of a heavy load over a wider area. But although we often speak about ground protection mats as a […]

oak timbermat

No shortage of oak timber mats in the UK

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Oak timber mats offer the durability of hardwood mats, with the familiarity of a native British species of tree and wood. However, a research project funded by Innovate UK has revealed that many people in the UK don’t realise there is such a strong supply of oak timber mats within the UK. As a result, […]

Bog Mats In Brighton

Bog mats help restore Cumbrian bogs with EU funding

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An EU-funded project is restoring Cumbrian bogs with a combination of bespoke equipment and lightweight excavators perched on bog mats to work on the delicate surface. The project, named Cumbria BogLIFE, is financed by the EU LIFE+ fund and has just published its first official update in the form of a community newsletter entitled The […]

Why do I need crane mats and outrigger pads on hard surfaces?

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You might think crane mats and outrigger pads are only needed on soft surfaces, where there is a risk of the crane vehicle sinking into the mud, soil or sand; however, this is not the only situation in which you should spread the load. On hard surfaces, especially public streets, pavements and car parks, there […]

Bog Mats In Brighton

Ekki timber mats lay the stage on Hastings Pier

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The recently reopened Hastings Pier has been nicknamed The Plank by some locals due to its expanse of Ekki timber mats, but a more suitable nickname might be The Stage. In mid-September, the pier is due to open a weekend of live music in Hastings, with Dizzee Rascal topping the bill on Friday September 16th, […]

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