European Oak Hardwood Mats

Timber bog mats honour Earth Day inspiration

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The annual celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd brings environmental issues to the forefront of many people’s minds, and timber bog mats are a great way to satisfy eco-concerns from all angles. Wood is a natural material and a renewable resource – all it takes is some careful forestry management to make sure each […]

M6 Motorway Rail Protection Bog Mats

FSC Chain of Custody milestone safeguards timber mats for sale

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Timber mats for sale in the UK are perhaps a little more likely to come with complete peace of mind, with the news that the Forest Stewardship Council’s Chain of Custody scheme has passed a major milestone. More than 30,000 certificates have now been issued under the CoC scheme, making it the largest forest certification […]


Pedestrian walkways help prepare for festival season

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Easter weekend is a sure sign of the arrival of spring and, while it falls quite early in 2016, it’s still a good time to start thinking about pedestrian walkways and temporary roadways if you are hosting a spring or summer festival. Festival season starts in earnest during the spring, and lasts right through the […]

Hardwood mats protect roots during tree surgery

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A few weeks ago, we reported on how hardwood mats can help to spread the ground pressure of heavy construction machinery, so that the root systems of any nearby trees are not damaged. This use of ground protection mats was recommended in guidance from South Cambridgeshire District Council – and by complying with rules around […]


Rain Warnings Renew Need For Temporary Ground Protection Mats

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At the start of this month, we warned of the effects of Storms Gertrude and Henry, along with the weather warnings that were in place throughout northern England and much of Scotland – all of which combined to make temporary ground protection mats a good investment. Those of you who heeded our warnings then should […]

Using Temporary Road Surfaces To Create Parking Areas

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We often refer to using our temporary road surfaces to designate parking positions for crane vehicles and other heavy plant, but it’s not only on construction sites where our portable roadway systems can be used in this way. If you are hosting a one-off event and need to provide visitor parking, you might reasonably not […]


Temporary Roadways Keep Wet Work Underway

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Following an unseasonably warm Christmas, the new year has brought unsettled and often dramatic weather conditions, making temporary roadways more important than ever on windy and waterlogged sites. Storm Gertrude brought red weather warnings at the end of January, with gusts of wind at up to 100mph heading into the final weekend of the month. […]

Ground protection mats

Ground protection mats help create workout trail

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Craig Tara Holiday Park, a Haven caravan site, got a new fitness trail before Christmas, with contractors Greenfield Leisure making good use of ground protection mats to get equipment and materials on to the challenging site. The company designs, delivers and installs playground equipment, and was tasked with laying a circuitous path more than a […]

Environmental friendly Bog Mats

How timber bog mats can protect trees

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Timber bog mats from reputable suppliers are, of course, sustainably sourced from managed forests, with strict controls to make sure no harm is done to the environment in their production. But timber mats themselves can be used to protect important trees, for example in conservation areas or on heritage sites, while allowing essential development work […]

Forest Matters

Forest Matters FSC UK News

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Find out how FSC Friday 2015 was celebrated across the UK and beyond.

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