Temporary walkway mats (also called track way mats) are specifically designed with the main aim of providing safe access across a site for people on foot.

By putting down a solid and continuous temporary pathway, they solve several common problems on construction sites, festivals and outdoor concerts, and anywhere else where foot access is required:

  • Rigid level surface removes trip hazards and ruts/furrows.
  • Specified route keeps pedestrians away from vehicle routes.
  • Covers soft ground to prevent churned-up mud underfoot.
  • Protects land against spills which can be cleaned up more easily.

Safety is the main priority and makes temporary walkways a useful demarcation system for workers and for members of the public alike.

But there is also a direct financial benefit due to protecting vehicle tracks and tyres against rough ground, providing a safe and stable platform for equipment to operate on, and minimising landscaping work to restore any damage caused to open ground.

Sectors that use temporary walkways

With temporary walkway mats to hire, there’s no reason why any sector shouldn’t make good use of them to provide temporary protection for exposed ground and a safe place for pedestrians to walk.

If you regularly need pedestrian trackway mats, consider investing in some of our temporary walkways for sale at competitive prices, and you’ll always have a stack close at hand.

Some of the sectors that have an ongoing need for pedestrian walkway mats include:

  • Concert facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Festivals, fairs and fetes
  • Other outdoor events
  • Tidal and coastal work

As with all of our categories of timber mats, we have a variety of sizes, thicknesses and timber species to choose from, and would be happy to help you decide on the best fit for your needs.

Temporary walkway mats to hire or for sale?

Even our heavy-duty temporary pathway mats are designed to be easy to move into position and remove when they are no longer needed, so it’s easy to return them to us at the end of the hire period.

Alternatively, we have temporary walkway mats for sale so you can have a stock of your own for ongoing work and subsequent projects – and you can, of course, hire any extras you need for one-off bigger contracts.

But some of the benefits of temporary walkway mats are the same whether you buy or hire them:

  • Competitive prices on sustainably sourced timber mats.
  • Full range of thicknesses, timber species and mat sizes.
  • Low intrinsic value so low theft risk and minimal impact on site insurance.
  • Durable timber mats can be used time and time again.
  • Convenient design with lifting points for easy repositioning.

These are just some of the common characteristics of all of our timber mats that make them a great option to create temporary pathways, whether you buy or rent from Timbermat.

Combined temporary pathways and roadways

What about sites with only a single access point or where it is desirable to route pedestrian and vehicular traffic along roughly the same track?

That’s not a problem – our heavy duty temporary pathways can be suitable for light vehicles too, including both tyres and tracks, while an alternative option is to use our temporary roadways to establish a single trackway wide enough for both foot traffic and vehicles.

However, where it is possible to have separate roadways and pathways, it is almost always safer to do so as a way to demarcate the different routes.

Remember, because our timber mats are designed for easy repositioning with standardised lifting points, they make a versatile and flexible option even if you need to change the position of your temporary pathway as work progresses across the site – so you can always get pedestrians to the active part of the site safely.

Features of temporary pathway mats

Our temporary pathway mats are particularly designed for foot traffic, with features that ensure the safety of pedestrians, including:

  • Ground Mat single and double joiners to create a connected and consistent walkway.
  • Anti-slip surface suitable for typical job site footwear.
  • Lightweight for fast setup and repositioning.
  • Typical size: 1.2m x 2.4m allows for narrow and wider walkways to be constructed.
  • Durable, hard-wearing timber prevents cracks or splits that could pose trip hazards.

To make an enquiry about temporary walkway mats to hire or for sale, on their own or in combination with temporary roadways, crane mats and other products, call your local Timbermat distribution depot today or fill in our online contact form for a prompt reply from a member of our team.

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