Crane mats & crane pads

Crane mats and outrigger pads are an essential safety measure on any construction or demolition site, or anywhere heavy duty lifting equipment is used, to prevent a range of risks to human life and damage to property.

With crane pads and wood outrigger mats, you can protect against:

  • Outriggers or vehicle tyres, tracks and treads breaking through weak ground surfaces.
  • Heavy loads becoming unstable due to ground subsidence during lifting.
  • Crane vehicles rolling, toppling or otherwise moving while parked and during lifting.

Ensuring you use cranes and other lifting equipment on flat, level surfaces also allows accurate calculation of the forces involved so outriggers can be positioned correctly to compensate for any imbalance or offset centre of gravity.

What are crane mats & outrigger pads?

Crane mats are large heavy duty timber mats that can be used to create a stable working platform for lifting equipment, ensuring crane vehicles remain level throughout the lifting operation.

They can also be connected with temporary roadway mats, providing a consistent track from site access points to where the lifting needs to take place, and ensuring crane vehicles can safely travel across the site.

Crane mats provide a physical barrier to prevent rugged vehicle tyres or caterpillar tracks from churning up the exposed soil, to take the impact of any dropped materials, and to spread the pressure of heavy equipment to reduce the risk of breaking through the surface into hidden voids below.

Wood outrigger pads also help to dissipate the pressure and point forces involved when using outriggers to stabilise crane vehicles, which again reduces the risk of the vehicle toppling over due to outrigger instability.

Using crane pads or outrigger mats, or ideally both together, you can improve the safety and potentially increase the maximum lifting loads of crane vehicles, including on sites where they might otherwise not be safe to use at all.

Specifications of crane mats & outrigger pads

Timbermat crane mats and wood outrigger pads are made of sustainably sourced tropical hardwoods and European oak, with connection points for almost seamless joints between multiple mats and standard lifting points for easy manoeuvrability.

Crane mats are available in a range of sizes up to three metres in length, giving a larger area to help spread the weight of heavy equipment and reduce the point pressure exerted on the land beneath.

Typical crane mat and outrigger pad sizes include:

  • 1m x 3m x 100 mm thick
  • 1m x 3m x 150 mm thick
  • 1m x 3m x 200 mm thick
  • 1m x 1.5m x 200 mm thick

Smaller mats may be more suitable for use as outrigger pads, especially where multiple outriggers are in use to spread the load or where ground space is limited and the smaller area is still deemed sufficient to carry the weight.

For further details, refer to our PDF of full crane mat and outrigger pad specifications.

Crane mats to hire and to buy

Timbermat have outrigger pads and crane mats to hire or for sale, depending on whether you need them for a single project or to have them available to you on a long-term basis (of course you can hire crane mats and outrigger pads again in future if you only need them intermittently).

All of our tropical hardwood and European timber is sustainably sourced and certified in line with import legislation and responsible forestry regulations, so whether you buy crane mats from Timbermat or hire them instead, we always supply you with total peace of mind.

We are happy to advise on whether it would be more economical for you to hire crane mats or to buy a stock of your own to keep in storage until you need them.

Remember, due to the relatively low intrinsic value of timber mats – in comparison to heavy steel ground protection mats, for instance – there is a very low risk of theft and little to no impact on site insurance costs.

Timber mats are also extremely weather resistant and easy to clean following exposure to wet weather, with no corrosion risk that can occur with metal ground protection mats over time, and this means you can get years to decades of service life from our durable, heavy duty crane mats.

Get in touch with Timbermat today with any enquiries or general questions about our crane mats and outrigger pads to hire and for sale. You can call us on 08000 12 12 31 or fill in our online contact form for a prompt reply

Crane mat specifications:

Download our product datasheet for our full crane mats and outrigger pads specifications:

Download PDF here:  Crane pad product specifications

All of the timber used in our crane mats comes from sustainable sources, in line with current legislation for responsible forestry.

FSC Registration number: CUC-COC-817978.

Contact us

If you have any further questions or want to request any further advice on crane mats and outriggers pads, then get in contact with our dedicated sales team today for a solution that’s right for you.

Give us a call on 08000 12 1231 to speak to one of our experts directly or fill out an online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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