Crane mats are heavy-duty, solid surfaces specifically designed to provide stable working platforms and roadways for cranes.

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Using a crane on a site with uneven surfaces may not be safe. Our crane pads provide stability, improve safety and prevent ground damage, ensuring you can work in complete confidence.

We offer crane mats for sale and hire. So whether you’d like to buy a stock of mats for regularly scheduled projects, or just need a short-term hire in an emergency, we can help you out.

At Timbermat, we’ve been helping companies with their crane pads requirements since 1992. Our team has vast experience in helping people hire or buy crane mats and can provide industry-leading advice on the best crane mats for your needs and whether you should be looking to hire or buy.

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Emtek Crane Platform & Outrigger Support on timber matting

All our mats are constructed from sustainably sourced European oak or tropical hardwood, with each type of wood having unique benefits which makes it suitable for different applications. Our team will work with you to decide which is most suitable for your requirements.

Some of the sizes we have available include:

  • 100mm x 1m x 3m
  • 150mm x 1m x 3m
  • 200mm x 1m x 1.5m
  • 200mm x 1m x 3m

Manufactured with two lifting points, our timber crane mats are easy to lift and move, whilst the connection points make for an almost seamless connection between multiple mats.

For more information, download our crane mat specifications datasheet or visit our news article outlining the benefits of crame mats.

What are crane pads?

Crane mats are heavy-duty, solid surfaces that allow you to build strong, stable, durable roadway, walkway or working platforms for cranes.

If the ground you’re working on is unlevel or soft, there’s a risk the crane will become unstable or tip over. Effective use of crane mats mitigates this, allowing you to work in complete confidence.

Even if the ground is stable, crane mats can still play a vital role in your project by providing an additional layer of protection. This will reduce any damage caused over the course of your project, making clean-up easier and allowing for faster environmental recovery.

What guidelines should you follow when using a crane with outriggers?

Outriggers effectively increase the base area of a crane, spreading the pressure over a wider area and offsetting any lateral movement in the centre of gravity.

When using a crane with outriggers, the vehicle should be placed on flat, level, and solid ground, to ensure the forces are distributed evenly in line with any calculations made ahead of the lifting operation.

If the lifting vehicle is equipped with outriggers, these should always be used. Where the ground is not level, or the ground surface is considered too fragile to support outriggers, it may be possible to use outrigger pads to compensate.

Even where the ground is solid and level, it is sensible to use outrigger mats as a precaution, to prevent the outriggers from puncturing the ground surface and emerging into any undetected voids below.

What is the preferred type of outrigger pad support?

Tropical hardwood mats make excellent outrigger pads. Their dense grain means they are able to withstand significant pressure, yet as a natural material, wood is also able to flex to absorb the strain.

As a result of this, hardwood outrigger pads can deform slightly to better distribute the extreme downward forces applied to them during a lifting operation.

Hardwood timber mats are available in thicknesses from 70mm up to 200-300mm and in sizes of 1×3, 1×5 and 1×6 metres as standard, with several species of timber to choose from to suit the project you need to work on.

Timber mats are affordable and are available to hire as well as to purchase. Their value against other products means they should not affect your site insurance, or cause you concern when away from site, and large numbers of mats can be laid alongside one another to build lifting platforms for even exceptionally large crane vehicles.

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