It’s not just roads and pavements that can be protected on demolition sites – there’s also all manner of hidden underground infrastructure that demolition protection mats can defend.

Demolition protection mats are the essential ground protection mats you need when bringing down any kind of structure, from tall towers and multi-storey blocks to relatively contained and careful dismantling of single storeys.

A demolition site can be a dangerous place if not well managed, but with heavy-duty demolition protection mats in tropical hardwood, you can create a solid platform upon which works can be carried out, while also protecting the surfaces below.

With many demolition sites surrounded by active buildings, valuable infrastructure or public spaces, this minimises disruption and speeds up the clean-up process, allowing you to create staging areas for incoming materials or for outbound waste, stable parking areas for equipment, and a level surface across the site.

This last point alone is a key factor in demolition protection, as a consistent, level timber ground layer with no gaps gives you the confidence to move around the site during and after demolition itself, when debris can obscure parts of the ground and hide any steps, ramps and trenches that could pose a hazard if not already covered over with sturdy demolition protection mats.

What do demolition protection mats protect?

It’s not just roads and pavements that can be protected on demolition sites – there’s also all manner of hidden underground infrastructure that demolition protection mats can defend.

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For example, this might include:

  • Utilities like gas and water pipes.
  • Buried storage tanks (e.g. fuel tanks).
  • Hidden voids beneath pavements.
  • Basements and cellars.
  • Foundations including neighbouring buildings.

Just like ground protection mats for other applications, demolition protection mats work by providing a physical barrier against falling debris and by spreading the weight of materials, machinery and vehicles, so the peak pressure exerted on anyone spot is reduced.

By doing this you help to reduce the risk of breaking through into hidden voids beneath the road or pavement, as well as protecting buried infrastructure like water pipes against damage that can be expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Unlike general ground protection mats, demolition protection mats tend to be at the heavy-duty end of the scale, with the most durable tropical hardwoods and the thickest mat measurements in the range of 150-200 mm, giving you the greatest level of defence against any shocks and impacts.

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Timber demolition mats to hire or buy

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We offer timber demolition mats to hire, so if your demolition work is a one-off project, you can simply return the timber mats to us once you have finished using them.

Because of the durable tropical hardwood construction of these mats, they typically stay in excellent condition for a long time – years or even decades in some cases – and when you hire demolition protection mats, you always know you will receive mats in good serviceable condition.

Alternatively, if you have a long-term need for demolition mats, consider buying a stock of your own. We can supply quantities of thick, durable demolition mats for sale in tropical hardwood species that have the ideal characteristics to deal with heavy equipment and impact shocks from falling materials.

Our mats are designed to fasten snugly and securely together for a consistent ground surface with no gaps or holes and have standard lifting points so you can use normal lifting equipment to transport them around your site and reposition them quickly when required.

Using timber mats outside

Our timber ground protection mats are extremely hard wearing and suitable for use outdoors in all conditions – we even supply them for use in waterlogged, boggy and tidal conditions, so you don’t need to worry about them being exposed to rain.

In wet conditions they provide a stable platform, prevent exposed earth below from being churned up by vehicle tracks and tyres, and can also offer a better grip than the land beneath would do.

Timber is a natural material with good inherent resistance to weather conditions – it will not corrode like metal demolition mats can do, and can still offer a longer serviceable life even with repeated exposure to the elements.

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Demolition Ground Protection Mats For Hire or Sale

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