Timbermat supply a wide range of bog mats for sale in different sizes and species, so that you can buy at the best timber prices and know that you have the ground protection mats you will need for a long time to come.

Our durable temporary roadways and bog mats are hard-wearing and produced from species like tropical Ekki hardwood that can last for up to 50 years under typical usage conditions.

We make sure to use sustainable, certified wood, so you can have complete peace of mind when you buy timber mats from Timbermat that they are compliant with all the relevant import legislation.

Sustainability is about more than just the environment, too – by using sustainably sourced wood, we help to keep timber prices down and improve the availability of tropical hardwood mats like our Ekki bog mats for the future.

Why buy timber mats?

With decades of service life under typical usage, there’s plenty of good reasons why to buy timber mats in tropical hardwood like Ekki and Dabema, or in native European species like Oak and Beech.

Although we work hard to make sure we source all of our bog mats from certified sustainable forests, we cannot account for the rest of the industry in the years to come.

When you buy timber mats from Timbermat you benefit from:

  • Certified sustainable sources for all of our ground protection mats.
  • Buy at present-day timber prices and get decades of service life.
  • Insulate against future supply issues or stricter legislation.
  • Supplement with timber mats to hire for larger future projects.

Our stock of timber mats for hire means you are not limited only to the number of ground protection mats you buy – and of course, we are happy to supply bog mats to hire if you don’t want to buy at all.

We may also be able to offer a buyback service on request, if you have an excess of timber mats that are still in good serviceable condition.


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All Sizes Available

Bog mats sizes

Available in a range of sizes, our range of bog mats ensure safe access for all construction traffic. We can also offer in-house manufacturing to meet your specific requirements.

Thickness Width Length Site Use Loadings
70mm 1m 3m Light Traffic 1-25t
100mm 1m 3/4/5m Medium Traffic 35-45t
150mm 1m 3/5m Med / Heavy Traffic / Outriggers 45-65t
200mm 1m 3/5/6m Heavy Traffic / Outriggers 65-75t
300mm 1.2m 5/6m Large Cranes 75-125t

How to save when you buy bog mats

We have an extensive range of bog mats to buy at competitive timber prices, allowing you to choose the most economical option for your upcoming projects, but the benefits last for a long time to come.

The strength and flexibility of wood as a natural organic material means it absorbs all kinds of shocks well, keeping it in usable condition for up to half a century.

As a renewable, sustainable resource, timber prices are more likely to remain low in the future – especially when compared with less sustainable plastic or metal mats.

Timber mats also have less intrinsic value, making them less of a theft risk than metal ground protection mats which can be sold for scrap, and that means you can store wooden bog mats on-site without increasing your insurance exposure.

How to choose which timber mats to buy

The best timber mats to buy depend on the job at hand and vary in terms of timber species, size and thickness.

For light to medium-duty applications such as building temporary walkways, we have European Oak and Beech ground protection mats starting from dimensions of 70 mm x 1m x 3m.

Alternatively, if you require bog mats for cranes, demolition protection mats or engage in similar activities, our heavy-duty range will be more suitable. Our range of heavy-duty bog mats includes tropical hardwood mats in Dabema and Ekki, measuring up to 1m x 6m and between 200-300 mm thick.

Remember when buying timber mats it can be sensible to choose a slightly thicker or more durable option to give you the longest service life and account for any more heavy-duty projects you might take on in future.

However, you can also supplement your own stock with our timber mats to hire, if a particular future task is more challenging than your usual work.

Latest timber prices and help to buy

To find out our latest timber prices on all of our bog mats for sale, or for any general help to buy the right bog mats for any upcoming work, contact Timbermat today.

Our team has decades of experience supplying ground protection mats for some of the most challenging onshore and tidal environments, and we welcome all enquiries to buy or hire timber mats from our extensive range.

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