Ground protection mats are a versatile option to create temporary roadways, trackways and pathways for site access, as well as working platforms and staging areas that minimise the damage and disruption to the ground surface underneath.

Ground Protection Mats for Hire or Sale


For short-term projects, we have ground protection mats for hire, allowing you to cover any area of exposed land and of course, we can ensure you also have the correct number of connecting clips to secure the mats together.

We also have ground protection mats for sale, if you are likely to need them again for future projects, so that you do not have to return your mats at the end of each project – and thanks to the dual-sided tread pattern, you can hold one stock of mats to serve as both walkway and roadway mats.

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How are ground protection mats used?

Timbermat’s grass protection mats can be used on lawns and fields to reduce the damage to living grass, so that when the work is completed, it is easier to restore the surface to healthy grass, with less landscaping or turf required.

Other applications of our ground protection mats include:

  • Cemeteries and graveyard work
  • Drilling wells and boreholes
  • Golf course maintenance
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Tree care and all types of tree surgery
  • Trenching work

It’s an endless list as ground protection mats are one of the easiest and most versatile ways to minimise all kinds of risks and reduce all kinds of damage on working sites, leaving you with the least amount of restoration work to carry out at the end of the job.

Find out more about how to use ground protection mats.

Specifications of ground protection mats

Timbermat ground protection mats are made of highly durable material, which not only makes them suitable for carrying even fairly heavy traffic, but also ensures you get years of good service from each mat.

Some of the specifications of our grass protection mats include:

  • Standard mat size of 1.2m x 2.4m ideal for long walkways and roadways
  • Two tread types suitable for foot traffic and to provide grip for vehicles
  • Side lifting handles for easy manoeuvrability and repositioning
  • Multiple joining holes to ensure adjacent mats do not become separate
  • Single and double joining clips available for secure attachment of neighbouring mats

High-density construction means our ground protection mats can accommodate vehicles with rugged tyres and caterpillar tracks, with a larger tread pattern for this type of traffic when constructing temporary roadways for site access.

Alternatively, the smaller tread pattern provides good grip underfoot, making it a good choice of grass protection mat for festival sites, sports grounds, or anywhere where pedestrians need to move around in large numbers without significant damage to grass or creating churned-up mud in wet weather.

Each mat has both tread patterns – the larger tread on one side and the smaller one for foot traffic on the other – so you can simply flip the mat over depending on the type of temporary trackway you are building.

To find out more about our ground protection mats for both temporary roadways and temporary walkways, check our full ground mat product specifications.

Benefits of ground protection mats

Ground protection mats are durable, versatile and highly portable as described above – just drop them into place and use a single or double connecting clip to join them together.

Multiple mats laid end to end can quickly cover a large area to create a long, narrow walkway or roadway, while laying more mats side by side can extend that area for wider multi-traffic trackways, general site access, staging areas for materials and building supplies, and so on.

Platforms of all sizes are fast and easy to build, taking just a matter of minutes to lay grass protection mats over land that you want to remain in good condition throughout your work and once your project is completed.

Use them to create temporary roadways for site access and manoeuvrability of vehicles including bulldozers, cranes, tractors and trucks, or just to reduce the risk of slips and trips for your workforce on foot.

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