Ground Protection Mats are a versatile way of creating temporary roadways, trackways and pathways for site access. They can also be used to create working platforms and staging areas that minimise the damage and disruption to a soft or sensitive ground surface.

At Timbermat, we’re here to help you get the ground mats you need in the most cost-effective way possible.

If you’re looking for ground protection for a short term or one-off project, we have a huge range of ground protection mats for hire. If you’ll be using them regularly, however, we have new and used ground protection mats for sale across the UK.

We’re happy to discuss your requirements to ensure you always have access to cost-effective temporary access and ground protection solutions.

With a broad range always in stock and distribution centres around the country, we can get your mats on-site in 24 hours in most cases. You can always rely on us to deliver your mats when you need them most.

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What are ground protection mats?

Ground protection mats provide temporary protection for exposed ground surfaces for a variety of purposes, ranging from construction work to outdoor events.

They come in a range of materials, from timber mats to plastic and metal sheets. Timber bog mats are often the most cost-effective and, as a sustainably sourced raw material, are also one of the most eco-friendly ways to protect the ground during heavy operations.

As well as preventing damage to the ground itself, ground protection mats can create temporary roadways and platforms for lifting equipment to work on.

When a heavy crane vehicle needs to access a site, temporary road mats prevent it from getting bogged down in poor ground conditions, and a solid lifting platform provides confidence when calculating the forces involved in the lift.

Our ground protection solutions

At Timbermat, we stock a wide range of timber protection mats designed to meet the requirements of any project – large or small. We use a range of timber types, including:

  • Ekki
  • Beech
  • Dabema
  • Oak

Each type of timber has different benefits and we work closely with all clients to establish the perfect solution for your project, so you can be confident any mats you buy will last for years and any you hire will slot straight into your existing project.

Regardless of material, all our heavy-duty ground protection mats come with:

  • Two tread types, making them suitable for both foot traffic and use as temporary roads
  • Side lifting handles for easy maneuverability and repositioning 
  • Multiple joining holes to ensure secure attachment of adjacent mats
  • Single and double joining clips for secure attachment to neighbouring mats

They also come in a standard size of 1.2m x 2.4m, making providing extra grip for employees or your heavy plant and machinery an incredibly simple task.

Ultimately, our range has been created to be as flexible as possible while still providing all the protection your construction or civil engineering project needs. And our team has the experience required to help you make the best decision for your project, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

The benefits of temporary access mats

Using heavy-duty mats can benefit your projects and business in both the short and long term by making it easier to complete projects on time and on budget while reducing risks to your staff. Particular benefits include:

  • Reduce the damage your work does to the sensitive ground on your site, minimising clean-up and allowing you to finish the project faster
  • Provide a stable, grippy surface for vehicles and pedestrians in even the most difficult conditions. This improves safety for employees and allows your vehicles to navigate without worrying about getting stuck, letting you get more work done during poor weather conditions
  • Easy to build – you have the flexibility to lay down a road or walkway whenever it’s required
  • Proper use and maintenance will allow mats to last for decades, making them an incredibly cost-effective purchase
  • Suitable for use creating large platforms used to store materials
  • Easy to clean and store at the end of a project

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What are the applications for ground protection mats?

Our ground mats can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Most commonly, clients use them to:

  • Create temporary walkways which allow staff to easily walk around the site
  • Build temporary roads which make it easy for vehicles to navigate your site on even the most unstable ground
  • Create temporary car parks
  • Protect soft or sensitive ground from damage during work
  • Event flooring, providing simple pathways for guests to follow and minimising damage caused to outdoor event sites
  • Grass protection
  • Keep roads in perfect condition. Heavy construction vehicles can often cause damage to standard roads over the life of a project, an extra layer of protection helps to ensure this won’t be the case with you
  • Provide a stable, dry work surface when repairing or performing maintenance on canals
  • Ensure a stable surface when working on sand and other challenging surfaces

However you plan on using them, our timber ground mats will be able to take the strain.

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