Ground Protection Mats are a versatile way of creating temporary roadways, trackways and pathways for site access, as well as working platforms and staging areas which minimise the damage and disruption to a soft or sensitive ground surface.

New and used Ground Protection Mats for sale and hire 

At Timbermat, we’re here to help you get the ground mats you need in the most cost effective way possible.

If you’re looking for ground protection for a short term or one-off project, we have a huge range of ground protection mats for hire. If you’ll be using them regularly, however, we have new and second hand ground protection mats for sale UK wide.

We’re happy to discuss your requirements to ensure you always have access to cost effective temporary access and ground protection solutions.

With a broad range always in stock and distribution centres around the country, you can always rely on us to deliver your mats when you need them most.

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The benefits of ground protection mats

Our ground protection mats are durable, versatile and highly portable. Meaning you can be confident the ground is completely protected on all your sites. In addition, moving them around as your site evolves is simple – just drop them into place and use a single or double connecting clip to join them together.

Multiple mats laid end to end can quickly create long, narrow temporary roads and walkways, while laying more mats side-by-side creates wider areas for large vehicles, general site access, staging areas for your materials and more. 

So whether you want to create large platforms to protect the ground in areas where materials are stored or create walkways to ensure staff don’t slip, our ground mats make it easy.

Ground protection mat specifications

Our ground protection mats are incredibly durable, and have been designed to be able to handle medium and heavy duty traffic for several years without needing to be replaced. We want your return on investment to be as high as possible, which is why our mats also have:

  • Two tread types – suitable for both foot traffic and providing grip for vehicles
  • Side lifting handles for easy maneuverability and repositioning 
  • Multiple joining holes to ensure secure attachment of adjacent mats
  • Single and double joining clips are available for secure attachment to neighbouring mats

With a standard size of 1.2m x 2.4m, they also make creating long roadways and walkways incredibly simple.

All our ground protection mats come with two tread patterns – one on each side – making them suitable for pedestrians or large vehicles. We understand it’s difficult to estimate how many of each specific type you’ll need, so make the process of hiring or buying ground protection mats as simple as possible.

Check our full ground mat product specifications here.

Using ground protection mats

Ground mats are extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

They’re the easiest way to protect the ground’s conditions on your sites and make work on unstable ground easier.

Find out more ways to use ground protection mats here.

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