Ground protection mats can be used to create temporary roadways and trackways, safe site access routes, staging areas and working platforms, as well as protecting the ground itself against falling objects.

Timbermat’s range of ground protection mats includes durable, anti-slip mats in a variety of materials, giving you choice and flexibility to suit your construction site or outdoor event location.


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Types of ground protection mats


Timber mats

We stock timber mats in a range of hardwood species including Ekki, Dabema, Beech and Oak, available to hire or to buy in a variety of sizes.

Timber mats are completely renewable when responsibly sourced, and because wood has little intrinsic value, using a large number of timber ground mats will have little to no effect on your site security or insurance.

Light traffic protection mats

Our light traffic protection mats are one of the newest additions to our range and are made using 100% recycled materials.

With interconnecting tongue-and-groove edges it’s easy to create a large anti-slip area for pedestrians and light vehicles.

Temporary walkway mats

Hard-wearing, anti-slip temporary walkway mats come in 1.2m x 2.4m dimensions, using the Ground Mat System of single and double joiners to link together.

These mats are especially good for long, narrow applications such as paths and walkways, wheelchair access and demarcation of pedestrian zones.


Benefits of ground protection mats


There are many benefits of ground protection mats, including:

  • Reduced ground damage means less clean-up costs and fewer delays
  • Solid, stable surfaces with anti-grip textures are safer for pedestrians
  • Highly portable ground protection mats can be laid and moved quickly
  • Timbermat’s ground mats are durable, giving you years of service
  • Wipe-clean materials are easy to maintain and keep in storage

These are just a few examples from a very long list of benefits of ground protection mats – and their versatility means you’re likely to discover your own advantages over time.


Applications of ground protection mats


Finally, let’s look at some of the most common applications of ground protection mats:

  • Temporary walkways for safe personnel movement
  • Temporary roadways for easier site access
  • Temporary car parks for vehicles on-site
  • Event flooring to prevent damage to grass
  • Protection for road surfaces during infrastructure works


Whatever project you are working on, call Timbermat today on 08000 12 12 31 to enquire about ground protection mats for hire or sale, and give your site the protection it needs.

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