Ground protection mats can be used to create temporary roadways and trackways, safe site access routes, staging areas and working platforms, as well as protecting the ground itself against falling objects.

Timbermat’s range of ground protection mats includes durable, anti-slip mats in a variety of materials, giving you choice and flexibility to suit your construction site or outdoor event location.


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Types of ground protection mats


Timber mats

We stock timber mats in a range of hardwood species including Ekki, Dabema, Beech and Oak, available to hire or to buy in a variety of sizes.

Timber mats are completely renewable when responsibly sourced, and because wood has little intrinsic value, using a large number of timber ground mats will have little to no effect on your site security or insurance.

Light traffic protection mats

Our light traffic protection mats are one of the newest additions to our range and are made using 100% recycled materials.

With interconnecting tongue-and-groove edges it’s easy to create a large anti-slip area for pedestrians and light vehicles.

Temporary walkway mats

Hard-wearing, anti-slip temporary walkway mats come in 1.2m x 2.4m dimensions, using the Ground Mat System of single and double joiners to link together.

These mats are especially good for long, narrow applications such as paths and walkways, wheelchair access and demarcation of pedestrian zones.

Benefits of Ground Protection Mats

When it comes to outdoor construction or maintenance projects, the advantages of incorporating ground protection mats are manifold, offering both practical and safety benefits.

Reduced Ground Damage for Cost-Efficiency

Ground protection mats play a crucial role in minimising ground damage, translating to lower cleanup costs and fewer project delays. By providing a solid and stable surface, these mats effectively distribute the weight of heavy equipment, preventing harm to the natural terrain beneath.

Enhanced Safety with Anti-Slip Textures

The inclusion of anti-slip textures on ground protection mats significantly improves safety for pedestrians and workers. The solid and stable surfaces ensure secure footing, mitigating the risk of slips and falls, especially in challenging outdoor conditions.

Portability for Dynamic Work Environments

A key feature of these mats is their portability. They can be swiftly laid and moved, facilitating quick adjustments to the work area. This adaptability is invaluable in dynamic construction settings where site layouts may change frequently.

Durability for Long-Term Reliability

Ground protection mats, particularly those constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as exemplified by Timbermat’s offerings, boast exceptional durability. This robust construction enables the mats to withstand heavy machinery and varying weather conditions, ensuring years of reliable service.

Easy Maintenance with Wipe-Clean Materials

The use of wipe-clean materials simplifies maintenance, making it easy to keep the mats in optimal condition and ready for future use. This convenience is particularly essential for busy construction sites where efficiency and quick turnaround times are imperative.

Example Applications of Ground Protection Mats

Beyond their benefits, ground protection mats find diverse applications across various projects, contributing to their versatility and widespread usage.

Temporary Walkways for Safe Personnel Movement

Ground protection mats serve as temporary walkways, ensuring safe personnel movement within construction sites. The solid and secure surface offers reliable footing, enhancing safety in busy work environments.

Temporary Roadways for Improved Site Access

In construction settings, these mats are employed as temporary roadways, facilitating easier site access for heavy equipment and machinery. This application streamlines logistics and contributes to the overall efficiency of the project.

Temporary Car Parks for On-Site Vehicles

For on-site vehicles, ground protection mats provide a solution for creating temporary car parks. This helps protect the ground from vehicular weight, preventing damage and ensuring a well-maintained site.

Event Flooring to Safeguard Grass Areas

In event planning, ground protection mats are utilised as flooring to prevent damage to grassy areas. This application ensures that outdoor events leave minimal impact on the natural landscape.

Contact Timbermat for Ground Protection Solutions

Whether you’re involved in construction, event planning, or infrastructure works, the versatility of ground protection mats makes them a valuable asset. To explore the benefits of ground protection mats for your specific project, consider reaching out to Timbermat at 08000 12 12 31. Their expertise in providing ground protection mats for hire or sale can give your site the necessary protection it needs, ensuring a successful and secure project execution.

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