Timber Bog Mats

Timber bog mats for hire or sale

Bog mats are used to spread the heavy load of vehicles to create a steady surface and to protect the ground beneath.

They are often used as a temporary access solution on wet ground or where the tracks of a vehicle might damage the grass, car park or paths below.

Bog mats come in a range of sizes and it’s important to choose the correct thickness for the conditions.

They can be hired or bought depending on what’s right for your particular situation so please call 08000 12 1231 to speak directly with one of our experts or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.

Types of bog mat

Timbermat work with certified timber merchants from all over the world to make sure that we use sustainable timber supplies that comply with all of the relevant responsible forestry legislation while giving you the durability and longevity that comes with ground protection mats made from European and tropical hardwood.

Our timber supplies include four main species of hardwood timber, two sourced from European timber merchants, and two tropical varieties:

The timber merchants we work with are certified either to produce sustainable timber supplies within Europe or for the import of tropical hardwood timber, which means no matter which type of timber you choose, you get the peace of mind of knowing that it is responsibly sourced.

Why use hardwood timber mats?

Our hardwood timber species each have different characteristics but all offer good strength, durability and many years of usable lifespan under normal working conditions.

In particular hardwood timber mats offer good flexibility and elasticity, allowing them to absorb and dissipate the forces of heavy vehicles, machinery and materials, or even falling masonry during demolition work.

Our tropical hardwood species in particular offer excellent durability, with both Ekki and Dabema ranking in durability classes 1-2, while our European oak timber mats are also durability class 2.

Where can hardwood timber mats be used?

As a natural material, hardwood timber mats can be used in all kinds of locations with less risk of harming the environment, which is why our ground protection mats are often used for staging areas or to cover grass and wetlands.

You can find out more about specific sectors and applications by looking around our website, but to give you some ideas of where you might see our hardwood timber supplies, the sectors we work with include construction and crane access; pipelines and civil engineering; the energy sector including wind farms; festivals and events.

The specific applications depend on the sector of course, and range from crane mats and demolition protection in construction and engineering works, to temporary roadways and pedestrian walkways for festivals, stable platforms for piling rigs, and general ground protection on unstable, delicate and waterlogged land.

More about hardwood timber mat sizes

Our hardwood timber mat sizes are again designed to suit the application, with long narrow pedestrian walkway mats that can be laid end to end, and larger, thicker roadway mats that can take the weight of heavy vehicles passing over them.

Most of our mats come with standard lifting points, making it easier to move them around your site as you need to, as well as joining points where you can connect adjacent mats to ensure a reliably snug fit.

Standard sizes include 1m x 3m and 1m x 5m, but any number of mats can be laid alongside one another to cover a larger area. In terms of thickness, we have mats ranging from 70 mm to 300 mm, as well as emtek® laminated heavy equipment mats, whose unique design offers the same strength as many much thicker mats.

Hardwood timber supplies for hire and for sale

We hold stock of all of our timber supplies for hire and for sale, so if your project is short-term or temporary, we have hardwood timber mats to rent, or you can buy hardwood mats of your own from Timbermat if you have a long-term or ongoing need.

Our Ekki tropical hardwood mats, in particular, make a good long-term investment, offering some of the highest durability of any timber species in the world, and potentially many decades of usable lifespan.

We are always here to help – so if you want to buy or hire hardwood timber mats but need to know more, you can get in touch with any questions using the details below.

Find out more about our hardwood timber mats

If you want to know more about any of our timber species, the certification we can provide for import, or the best sizes of mat for your particular project, please get in touch and ask, and we will be happy to help.

You can speak to our timber merchants by calling 08000 12 12 31 or fill in our online contact form and we will answer your enquiry as promptly as possible.

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