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Bog mats are a temporary solution to unstable ground, helping to span areas of exposed mud or waterlogged soil, protecting valuable machinery and equipment from water or mud below it, and spreading the weight and pressure of heavy plant equipment and vehicles so that they do not get bogged down.

With a quarter of a century of trading, Timbermat have seen more than our fair share of difficult site conditions, and can help you to choose the ideal bog mats for your situation, however precarious it might seem – just ask our experts for guidance if you’re not sure what you need.

Our bog mats are ethically sourced from legal, sustainable forests, with FSC, PEFC or North American SFI certification, so you know that the timber used complies with all of the prevailing legislation in the UK and the laws handed down by the EU as well.

All of our bog mats are checked for quality, and competitively priced, with discounts available on large bulk orders and fixed rates for long-term projects; we also operate a guaranteed buyback scheme, subject to the bog mats being returned to us in reusable condition.

This means we also have a good supply of timber mats that have been used before, so if you do not need brand new bog mats, we can offer pre-used mats at equally competitive prices, and which mean fewer trees need to be felled.

Our timber mats are made of three main woods:

• American oak has low stiffness and medium strength against crushing and bending.
• European oak has low stiffness and high strength against crushing and bending.
• Ekki mats are our strongest and most durable, with a rated lifespan of 50 years if used correctly.

More information about each timber type is available on our website, or simply contact us via email or telephone, or using our online contact form, with any queries you might have.

Temporary Roadway Mat
Temporary Roadway Mat
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