American Oak vs. European Oak

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Not all timber mats are the same, and one of the main factors that affects the life span and performance of timber ground protection mats is the particular species of wood used. You might know that we offer Ekki bog mats and Oak bog mats – but did you also know that not all of […]


Crane mats reduce your biggest risks

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Crane mats do more than just protect the ground – they also protect you against some of the biggest risks you face on an active job site, where instability of heavy lifting gear or crane vehicles can lead to a costly catastrophe. HSE statistics show that since 2001, there have been more than 60 reported […]

Bog Mats for Temporary Roadway Access in Brighton

Timber bog mats keep you safe in summer

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Timber bog mats have obvious benefits in winter, when they can cover over wet mud, ground that has frozen into ruts and furrows, or provide temporary roadways over icy ground. But in the summer months they are an equally important investment, as the subsoil conditions can be deceptive on what looks like a perfect day […]

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5 reasons to use hardwood outrigger pads

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Crane outrigger pads give your lifting equipment a more stable platform, distributing its weight over a wider area, but why are hardwood outrigger pads in particular such a strong option? Here are five of the best reasons to use hardwood outrigger pads, including some of the more obvious arguments, and some you might not have […]


Industrial mats offer grip, safety and comfort

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Our industrial mats provide a physical barrier between the ground and the people or vehicles passing over it, but they are much more than just ground protection mats, with characteristics that provide a range of benefits particularly suited to industrial areas. As ground protection mats, they still offer the physical defence for the ground surface […]


Ekki mats stay strong whatever the weather

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Ekki mats – also commonly known as Azobe mats – belong to the hardwood family Lophira alata, found mainly in West Africa, and are the most durable of timber mats currently available. The raw timber is relatively hard to source and expensive to buy, due to a combination of its massive popularity in recent years […]


Temporary roads provide stability on drying spring soil

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As springtime arrives, the drier weather does not remove the need for temporary roads to provide stability for heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles on soil surfaces – it just changes the risks faced when driving on bare soil without ground protection mats in place. During the winter, of course, waterlogged earth is easily churned into […]


Crane mats give solid surface to earthwork platforms

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We often talk about using crane mats and temporary access roads to overcome challenging ground conditions on a particular construction site, or along the route vehicles and equipment needs to take to get there. But on large sites undergoing intensive redevelopment, the work itself can transform the landscape, making it even more important to use […]


Can temporary roadways turn corners?

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A commonly asked question about temporary roadways is whether or not they can turn corners, bearing in mind the straight edges of the timber mats used to construct them. The short answer to this is yes, they can – and you will see many images on the Timbermat website of where timber mats have been […]


How bog mats helped build Alligator Alley

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Travel across the Everglades of Florida from east to west, or vice versa, and it’s likely that you owe the ease of your journey to the use of bog mats some half a century ago.

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