How to keep staff as safe as possible on construction sites during COVID-19

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The closure of pubs and restaurants has left many people with the belief that only key workers are still travelling to and from their jobs. But while some office jobs can be done from home, the government guidance has not banned most workplaces from continuing to operate if staff must be there in person. One […]

crane using crane mats on unstable ground

How to safely set up your crane

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The tower and mobile cranes setup procedure requires meticulous setup to avoid any catastrophic accidents during lifting operations. This includes instability and damage caused by: · Soft and undermined ground conditions · Hidden utilities and conduits · Overbalanced cranes Ground protection mats help you to control for these common crane hazards by spreading the pressure […]

flooded street

Impact of climate change on flooding in the UK

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Storm Ciara had barely blown over the UK in early February before Storm Dennis was announced, bringing another weekend of wet and windy weather to much of the country. This might feel like a pattern in recent years, when crisp, cold, snowy winter days have been relatively few compared to blustery weather and prolonged downpours. […]


How bog mats are helping save the environment

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Bog mats are a versatile way to protect delicate land against damage during heavy works, excavations and demolitions, but these ground protection mats also help to protect the wider environment in a very real sense. During use, they provide a physical barrier against any unexpected spills, for example oil, fuel spills or other potentially harmful […]

construction workers on site

What to do if your construction site is flooded

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Tis the season for severe weather warnings and if you’re facing the threat of heavy rain or you’ve been issued with an Environment Agency flood alert, be ready with bog mats. Bog mats offer you several ways to contend with flooding, depending on how deep the water is expected to get. Even shallow floods can […]

European Oak Hardwood Bog Mats on grass

Dangers of uneven ground: risk assessment & solutions

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Each year, health and safety statistics continue to rank slips, trips and falls as being among the main causes of injury in workplaces throughout the UK. It’s a broad category but in any case, one way to reduce the risk of trip hazards and falling on the flat is to make sure the ground underfoot […]

broken, wet, unstable road

Sheffield festival falls foul of no ground protection mats

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A park festival in Sheffield left residents outraged after a lack of ground protection mats led to the grass being churned into a deeply rutted wet and muddy quagmire.   The event was called BassFest and was held on the Ponderosa, a designated ‘open space’ in Sheffield, although not officially a public park.   Organisers Fire in the Park […]

Land Rover on unstable ground

Creative uses for bog mats

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Bog mats are extremely versatile for use on all kinds of construction sites, festival fields, crane lifting platforms and so on, but the possibilities don’t end there. Timber mats can find a lease of life in some very unusual places – here are just a few examples… 1. A base for buildings Bog mats provide […]

cranes on building site

Laying temporary building foundations using bog mats

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Bog mats are often used to create a solid working surface on remote construction sites or where the ground is particularly prone to becoming muddy or churned up by rugged tyres and heavy footfall. But they can actually also serve as temporary building foundations, especially for buildings that will be removed when work on the […]


The Bangkok crane fall that highlights importance of crane mats

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An incident that left ten schoolgirls injured in Bangkok provides a stark reminder of the importance of crane mats and outrigger pads to create a stable lifting platform for cranes and other lifting vehicles. In mid-June, a tower crane used in the construction of a 20-storey hotel in the Thai capital fell on to an […]

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