temp roadways

Types of temporary walkway for construction sites

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What type of temporary walkway is best for your project? Temporary walkway mats are a quick but versatile way to create a safe path across construction sites – so what are the different ways to use them? You might be surprised that there are actually several options when it comes to laying temporary walkways on […]

American Oak Quercus Alba

American Oak Quercus Alba crane mats take the strain

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Timbermat American Oak Quercus Alba crane mats, temporary roadways and ground protection mats are an excellent option on sites where you need to create a safe and stable platform for heavy-duty mobile equipment and protect against penetrating the surface below. Already in September we have seen the importance of crane mats in Manchester city centre, […]


Three ways to use piling rig mats

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Piling rig mats can do more than just provide a stable platform on which piling operations can be carried out. Although this is, of course, a crucial application for piling mats – especially on soft ground or where there may be hidden cavities below the surface – these versatile and durable timber mats can have […]

Crane Mats

Why temporary walkway mats matter in dry weather

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It’s usually pretty clear why temporary walkway mats are needed in wet weather, providing a dry, solid surface to walk on, improving grip and helping to reduce damage to bare earth below so it does not become sloppy mud. But temporary walkway mats are equally crucial in dry weather, to protect against a variety of […]


Five locations for ground protection mats

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Ground protection mats can be used for different reasons in very different locations. Here are five places where you might find a need for ground protection mats, which together help to highlight how versatile and important these timber mats really are. Roads Roads benefit twice from ground protection mats – once from above and once […]


Emtek heavy equipment mats offer environmental responsibility

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Emtek heavy equipment mats are an excellent choice for heavy engineering works where environmental responsibility is a concern – an issue with growing relevance in an era of climate change and heightened social awareness. While Emtek heavy equipment mats may look like other timber mats, there are several subtle design features that help them to […]


Demolition protection mats help you stay fallout free

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Demolition protection mats are the essential ground protection mats you need when bringing down any kind of structure, from tall towers and multi-storey blocks, to relatively contained and careful dismantling of single storeys. They serve as all-purpose ground protection mats, providing a stable surface for workers to walk on, helping to spread the load of […]

Piling Mats

Long-lasting piling rig mats for the UK and Ireland

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Durable piling rig mats from Timbermat create a solid and stable platform for piling rigs on ground that would ordinarily not provide enough support for the heavy machinery used in the process. Like other timber mats, these serve as ground protection mats – preventing substantial damage to the surface beneath – but crucially also help […]

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Five steps to a firmer foundation with crane mats

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Crane mats are an essential step in laying a firm foundation when using heavy lifting equipment including vehicle-mounted cranes, and if you are not 100% certain of what lies beneath ground level, laying crane mats is an absolute must to help minimise the risk of subsidence during lifting. Here are five steps towards safer lifting […]

Tropical Hardwood Ekki Mats

Ekki (Azobe) Mats

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Ekki mats are currently the strongest and most durable timber for mats. A Class 1 graded timber with a lifespan of over 50 years even in the poorest of conditions, Ekki is ideal to be used for timber mats in soft wet ground conditions. Due to its popularity and illegal logging the price of Ekki […]

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