Timbermat supply temporary road mats for sale or hire in a variety of sizes and timber species, including tropical hardwood mats like Ekki that have become difficult to sustainably source in recent years, as well as durable tropical Dabema and European Oak and Beech temporary roadways.

Temporary Road Mats for Sale or Hire

Our temporary roadway mats are ideal to create a temporary access road for light, medium or heavy traffic on even the most challenging of sites and in a wide range of different sectors:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Crane Access
  • Energy
  • Events
  • Festivals
  • Marine Environments
  • Pipelines
  • Wind Farms

With a choice of timber species and road mats for hire and sale, we can provide you with the best type of environmentally-friendly temporary road mats for the weight of traffic you have to handle, the environment you are working in, and for one-off projects or ongoing rent or purchase arrangements.

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How do timber temporary access roads help?

Timber bog mats make excellent temporary roadways due to their inherent strength but also their natural flexibility. Even heavy traffic can pass over our tropical hardwood road mats without damaging the wood.

Ekki timber mats, in particular, are among the most durable. We supply Ekki mats for sale or hire from sustainable sources, when used correctly under typical conditions they can last up to 50 years in active service.

But it is also about how temporary roadways protect the land you are working on, by putting a physical barrier between the tyres, tracks or treads of your delivery trucks, crane vehicles and other mobile machinery, and the soft or uneven ground surface beneath.

A temporary access road can also be used for demarcation purposes, by marking out the safe route over ground that has mining or other hidden cavities beneath it, boggy and waterlogged land in marine environments, or cleared routes across military training grounds.

What type of temporary road mats do I need?

Your temporary site access road needs to cater to the type of ground on which it is placed and the type of traffic that will pass over it, and our choice of temporary roadway timber types means we have a cost-effective solution for every eventuality.

For light to medium traffic, both our European Oak and Beech roadway mats are suitable, offering relatively low stiffness and high strength against crushing and impact shocks.

If you require access solutions for heavy plant and machinery, tropical hardwood roadway mats in Ekki and Dabema (African teak wood) are among the most durable timber species available, and we have these sourced from certified sustainable forests in a range of sizes.

Sizes of temporary road mats

Timbermat temporary road mats start from a thickness of 70 mm, suitable for light to medium traffic, and are available in a range of thicknesses up to 300 mm for the heaviest vehicles and most challenging conditions, such as in tidal environments.

We can supply temporary access road mats in the following dimensions:

  • Light to medium traffic:
    • 70 mm x 1m x 3m
    • 70 mm x 1m x 5m
    • 100 mm x 1m x 3m
    • 100 mm x 1m x 5m
  • Medium to heavy traffic:
    • 150 mm x 1m x 3m
    • 150 mm x 1m x 5m
  • Heavy traffic and poor environmental conditions:
    • 200 mm x 1m x 3m
    • 200 mm x 1m x 5m
    • 200 mm x 1m x 6m
    • 250 mm x 1m x 6m
    • 300 mm x 1m x 6m

In more challenging environments – for example in tidal locations where heavy vehicles or equipment need to be brought ashore – our thicker, heavy duty roadway mats are able to create a stable, solid surface and prevent tracks and tyres from becoming bogged down, allowing manoeuvres to be completed before the tide turns.

Help choosing temporary road mats

We are always happy to take enquiries relating to our temporary roadway mats and the best size or timber species for the project you are planning – and we can of course also advise on whether you should consider temporary road mats for hire or if it might be worth buying temporary roadways.

Our employees have an excellent level of expertise and experience working with temporary access roads for challenging environments and will always recommend the best solution based on your unique circumstances.

Nobody should need to worry about getting bogged down when driving across a well-managed work site in any sector. With Timbermat temporary road mats, you can put that soft surface out of sight and out of mind, allowing you to deliver projects on schedule and on budget, ensure employee safety, and leave less landscaping work to put the site right before you leave.

Give us a call on 08000 12 1231 to speak to one of our experts directly or fill out an online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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