Timbermat works with hardwood suppliers from Europe and Africa to bring you some of the strongest and most durable ground protection mats currently available on the timber market, suitable for use in a range of different sectors.

In this section, you can find out more about some of the sectors that place the greatest demand on the timber market and keep European and African hardwood suppliers busy producing hardwood bog mats and wood ground protection mats for all kinds of applications.

Some of the sectors we work most closely with include:

This is by no means an exhaustive list – we have worked with many many more industries and sectors, and across a range of specific applications, and we are always happy to embrace new challenges too if you face a problem you think nobody has had to overcome before.

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How can hardwood timber bog mats help?

Timber mats are often referred to as bog mats – an indication that they were originally a way to cover over muddy areas and swampy ground to avoid machinery getting bogged down in the mud – but they serve a vast range of different applications that go far beyond just mud.

For example, hardwood timber mats can create a staging area for civil engineering materials and for building supplies on construction sites, as well as performance stages for festivals.

Hardwood mats can be sunk into wetlands to create temporary piling, with more timber mats run across those supports to create a strong boardwalk for equipment, materials and personnel to pass safely above the water level.

In the energy sector, bog mats can overcome a variety of ground condition challenges to allow work to progress on pipelines and wind farms in remote areas.

And in general, wherever you are working, timber mats can create temporary roadways for improved site access and to enable cranes and lifting vehicles to reach the job location when they otherwise might not be able to do so.

We have bog mats to hire and for sale in any sector

At Timbermat we welcome all enquiries for bog mats to hire and for sale, no matter which sector you work in.

In many cases, we will have years of past experience in your industry that allows us to make specific recommendations as to the best bog mats for your needs.

Where this is not the case, we can call on our expertise and deep knowledge of our product range, to help you decide which type of timber, size and thickness of mat would be the best option to overcome novel challenges.

Either way, the final decision you face is whether to buy bog mats of your own so you have them available any time you need them in the future, or to hire hardwood timber mats from our regular stock so that you can return them to us once you are finished, without having to store them until the next job starts.

Expertise in your sector

If you work in any of the sectors listed above, you can visit the individual pages in this section to find out more about the specific types of timber and sizes of hardwood ground protection mat that are likely to meet your needs.

Even if not, we have pages for common applications that could also be a good match for what you need, so please remember that just because we haven’t mentioned your sector specifically, it doesn’t mean we don’t have suitable bog mats to meet your specific needs.

We would be happy to provide bespoke recommendations based on a description of your upcoming job, for example, the type of land you will be working on, the expected traffic passing over it, any obstacles to site access, any particular activities like lifting, drilling and piling, and so on.

You can send us the relevant information in writing using our online contact form to enable us to give you a tailored recommendation, or call our expert timber team on 08000 12 12 31 to talk through the challenge you are facing and how best to overcome it using our selection of durable hardwood timber mats.

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