European hardwoods such as beech and oak are abundant across the continent, sustainably sourced and fully certified as originating from responsible European timber merchants.

Their location means when you need new European hardwood flooring mats, they are easily available, and it also means we at Timbermat can replenish our stocks quickly and easily in response to demand for European hardwood bog mats for sale and to hire.

Just like their tropical hardwood equivalents, European hardwood bog mats are constructed from dense timber fibres with high strength against bending, impacts and abrasions, with a range of durability classes to suit your needs for strength vs. longevity.

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Which European hardwood should I choose?

Our stock of ground protection mats for sale or to hire includes two main European hardwood timber types, beech and oak, and each has its own unique characteristics to offer.

European oak timber mats are relatively durable, falling in Class 2 with an average lifespan of an expected 15 to 25 years, and potentially longer if used relatively lightly and stored in ideal conditions.

In comparison, while European beech timber has a lower durability rating – Class 5, giving it a typical longevity of up to five years – its higher strength characteristics mean it is closer to a Dabema tropical hardwood in other respects, and this can make it an excellent value option for rugged use over the short term.

Both species are abundant and are sustainably produced in large quantities within Europe, making it easy to replace any worn-out European hardwood bog mats as and when you need to, and ensuring we also have a plentiful supply of

European hardwood mats to hire.

European hardwoods vs. tropical hardwoods

As mentioned above, European hardwood flooring mats offer some different characteristics than tropical hardwoods, and also some that are very closely comparable.

Within tropical hardwoods – and timber mats in general – Ekki bog mats are the clear leader in terms of strength and durability, offering decades of unparalleled performance.

But some other tropical hardwoods, for example, Dabema wood mats, are very closely comparable with European beech in terms of strength, and it is only the better durability of tropical Dabema mats that really sets the two apart for most ordinary applications.

Thanks to their abundant supply and their production within Europe – which can mean more straightforward import certification and fewer transport miles clocked up during delivery – European hardwoods are many people’s first choice when it comes to stocking up on timber mats for general purpose applications.

What sizes of European hardwood flooring mats are available?

Most of our range of ground protection mats, temporary walkways and roadways, crane mats and outrigger pads are available in European hardwood timber species, including our smaller 1m x 3m and larger 1m x 5m timber mats.

European oak offers greater durability with slightly lower strength properties, making it a good option for long-term light to medium usage, whereas European beech mats are less durable but stronger – closer to Dabema’s strength, as mentioned above – making them a better fit for short-term heavier use.

We also offer a range of thicknesses, for example European beech mats can be better suited at the thinner end of the range, from 70 mm upwards, thanks to their tropical hardwood-like strength, or alternatively you may choose to buy beech timber mats in thicker sizes of 200-300 mm as a way to enhance their durability over time.

Ask us about our European hardwood bog mats

If you have any questions about our European hardwood flooring mats, which timber type is suitable for your upcoming project, the ideal environmental conditions for live use and long-term storage, or anything else, just ask.

You can fill in our online contact form to put your enquiry in writing and we will get back to you with a detailed reply as soon as we can – our expert team have the information for most common queries already at hand so that we can answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, if you prefer to talk directly, call us on 08000 12 12 31 and one of our expert timber merchants will be happy to help over the phone.

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