Timbermat’s heavy duty ground protection mats are up to the challenges presented by the biggest energy sector projects, from the construction of new facilities to regular engineering and infrastructure works.

Hire or buy ground protection mats for energy sector projects

During any extended period of heavy construction work, heavy duty floor protection is a required component, working to reduce the amount of ‘putting right’ required afterwards and helping projects stay on-schedule and on-budget.

Without substantial protection, it’s easy for exposed soil to become deeply rutted and furrowed, resulting in excessive issues being caused by mud as the project goes on. This will result in personnel, vehicles and equipment all being delayed en route to the site, potentially causing major delays over the course of the project.

Ground protection mats work to mitigate this issue, ensuring simple, fast access for everything and everyone.

If you’re working on a project in the energy sector you can contact our specialist team on 08000 12 12 31 for advice on what ground protection mats may be required for hire or purchase. Alternatively, you can fill in the form on the right to request more information.

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Locations where heavy duty floor protection is needed

There are many different locations where heavy duty ground protection is needed in the energy sector – this is by no means an exhaustive list, but some examples include:

  • Urban areas with pre-existing buried utilities, fuel tanks and hidden underground voids.
  • Rural areas subject to soil subsidence, uneven ground and wet weather risks as above.
  • Tidal zones where land is sodden or submerged, e.g. bringing power onshore from wind farms.
  • Sites subject to additional stress forces e.g. piling, drilling and heavy lifting.
  • Locations with fragile ecosystems nearby e.g. moors, marshes, wetlands and so on.

Using timber mats is particularly good to provide heavy duty ground protection in the case of protecting natural ecosystems, as the natural wood construction means there is no intrinsic risk of contaminating the habitat or ecosystem.

Our most heavy-duty ground protection mats

For the biggest energy sector projects, our most heavy duty floor protection mats offer the best characteristics in terms of strength and durability, as well as the ability to cover a large surface area quickly and consistently.

We have tropical hardwood mats in species such as Ekki and Dabema, which rank among the strongest and most durable timber types in the world.

Heavy duty ground protection mats measure up to 1m x 5m surface area and as much as 300 mm thick, and we have full details of the strength profile of each timber species available to help you calculate its resistance to bending, crushing and abrasive forces.

Hire or buy floor protection mats for energy projects

Large energy infrastructure projects required bulk quantities of heavy duty ground protection mats, and Timbermat works hard to maintain steady supplies of the most in-demand tropical hardwoods like Ekki, as well as European hardwood mats sourced from responsible timber merchants closer to home.

Whether you hire or buy floor protection mats from us, we can provide the certification to confirm that the timber used is sustainably produced and legal for import into the UK – so either way, you get the peace of mind that you are meeting your regulatory and environmental responsibility commitments.

By maintaining sustainable supplies, we are able to hold substantial stock of heavy-duty floor protection mats for hire and for sale, so whether your need is one-off, temporary or short-term, or you want to invest in a stack of heavy-duty timber mats of your own, we should be able to cater to that demand.

Find out more about our timber mats for the energy sector

If you have any enquiries about timber mats for the energy sector that are not already answered here – for example, any specific applications other than general ground protection – we are happy to help answer those questions and provide tailored recommendations of the best hardwood mats for your planned project.

We welcome enquiries in writing via our online contact form, which will allow you to give us any specifics about your upcoming work, helping us to give you a more bespoke recommendation in reply, and we will always respond to new enquiries as quickly and fully as we can.

Alternatively, to speak to a member of our expert timber team, you can give us a call by phone on 08000 12 12 31. Again, we welcome all enquiries without obligation and would be happy to help you work out what you need if you’re not sure of the best timber mats for energy sector projects, applications and challenges.

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