European oak timber mats are an excellent choice for light to medium traffic, for example on construction sites for standard delivery vehicles and some smaller lifting vehicles, or for flows of pedestrian traffic including event audiences.

Their durability stems from the unique properties of the European oak wood timber mats, including low stiffness, high bending and crushing strength, and good resistance to shocks.

Oak timber is dense, heavy and fairly hard, giving a usable lifespan of between 15 and 25 years on average – so how does this European hardwood timber species stack up in the stats?

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Hardwood Hard Facts: European Oak

Here are some of the main statistics of our European oak wood timber mats, which you can use to compare the characteristics of this species with other European hardwood and tropical hardwood varieties.

  • Botanic Name: Quercus petraea
  • Common Names: Sessile Oak, Cornish Oak, Durmast Oak
  • Volume Mass: 700 kg per cubic metre
  • Elasticity Module: 9,900 N per mm sq
  • Flexibility Strength: 96 N per mm sq
  • Pressure Strength: 48 N per mm sq
  • Slide Strength: 9.9 N per mm sq
  • Durability Class: 2

You can also use the above data to calculate maximum safe loads and determine whether European oak timber mats are suitable for your needs – if you would like our recommendation as to which of our European and tropical hardwood species might be best suited to your upcoming project, please get in touch.

What size are European Oak timber mats?

Because our European oak wood timber mats can be used to create long temporary roadways for light to medium construction traffic, they are available as an option in some relatively large sizes.

Typically our timber mats are either 1m x 3m or 1m x 5m, and anywhere between 70 mm thick and up to 300 mm thick – and again, if you’re not sure what you need, we can help you to decide by letting you know what size or thickness of mat is usually sufficient for the work you have planned.

Our timber mats are designed to be used together in large numbers and nestle closely alongside one another to create large, seamless staging areas, working platforms and temporary roadways.

Smaller mats can also be used as crane outrigger pads, where the natural flexibility of the timber can help to absorb and dissipate the relatively high point pressure forces involved when using outrigger feet.

European Oak mats to buy or rent

We understand that our customers have different needs – if you are regularly involved in construction work or engineering projects, you might reasonably want to buy European oak timber mats so that you have them on hand whenever you need them.

Alternatively for seasonal work or one-off applications, for example, festivals, concerts and other events, you might be looking to hire European oak mats from us, and that’s fine too.

In either case, we will make sure you receive hardwood timber mats in excellent condition and ready to take the weight of your vehicles, machinery and materials, or of pedestrians ranging from site workers to audience members.

Even if you already have bog mats of your own, we are happy to hire out European oak mats in the quantity you need for larger occasional projects, so that you are not left short of the ground protection mats you need to cover the complete area you are working on.

More about our European Oak timber mats

If you have any questions about our European Oak wood timber mats, just call us on 08000 12 12 31 or send your enquiry using our online contact form for a quick reply from a member of our team.

We aim to answer queries as quickly and helpfully as we can, whether it’s a question about our oak timber mat sizes, the sustainability certifications of our European hardwood timber suppliers, the correct bog mats for a particular project or application, or anything else you need to know.

Timbermat holds stocks of timber mats for sale and to rent in all of our main species of hardwood timber, and we are always happy to help you decide what you need for an upcoming job, big or small.

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