Outdoor festivals and events are famed for getting extremely muddy and doing serious damage to the land they’re hosted on. Although some wear and tear to the ground is inevitable, you can mitigate the damage with our temporary outdoor flooring solutions.

Hire or buy temporary flooring for festivals and events

Our timber event flooring mats have been designed to be laid together seamlessly, allowing for coverage of any size of land. Alongside this, they provide excellent grip and are incredibly easy to clean or mud, snow or other damage cause by the elements.

Built with natural materials and sustainably sourced, our temporary outdoor flooring makes for an attractive surface for your guests whilst being completely eco-friendly.

If you’re hosting a festival or event and are interested in hiring or buying temporary outdoor flooring you can call our team on 08000 12 1231 or fill out the form to the right to discuss your requirements.

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Hire trackway mats for pedestrian walkways

As well as our hardwood timber ground protection mats, Timbermat also supply temporary walkway mats, suitable to lay down pedestrian walkways that help to guide visitors between different parts of your site and reduce direct footfall on grassy or muddy areas.

Our pedestrian walkway mats offer particularly good safety credentials if you want to create pathing around your festival site or connect areas of temporary event flooring together with high-grip walkways.

The characteristics of these mats include:

  • Anti-slip tread to provide better grip for pedestrians.
  • Larger tread for small wheeled and tracked plant on the reverse side.
  • Ground Mat system to securely join adjacent mats and prevent gaps.
  • Lightweight for quick and easy repositioning when required.
  • Suitable for wheelchair users and other mobility devices.

When fastened together with no gaps in between, and thanks to their textured non-slip surface, these mats not only make it easier for pedestrians to navigate your event site but also help to reduce the risk of slips, trips and other health and safety concerns.

Should I buy or hire temporary event flooring?

The decision to buy or hire temporary outdoor flooring can be based on several factors, but the main one is probably the question of whether you are likely to need temporary event flooring again in the near future.

If you regularly stage events that need flooring, either in the form of pedestrian walkways and temporary roadways or for platforms on which performances can take place, it is worth considering whether you should buy a stock of temporary outdoor flooring of your own so you have it close to hand when you need it again.

However, we appreciate that not everyone will have the storage space to stack their temporary event flooring away until it is next needed – which is why we have a good quantity of ground protection mats to hire at any one time, which should be more than enough for any stages, spectator areas and other platforms you need.

What size floor mats do I need?

Our anti-slip walkway mats mentioned above come in a standard size of 1.2m x 2.4m, which ensures that the single and double joining points align on all adjacent mats.

For stages, seating platforms, car parks and other large areas, our timber mats are available in 1m x 3m and 1m x 5m sizes, and in a variety of thicknesses depending on how heavy you expect the traffic to be.

If you’re not sure exactly what size floor mats you need, please feel free to ask our team for help – we have plenty of experience supplying temporary event flooring and can make suggestions to help you decide.

Remember we also have a variety of hardwood timber species for many of our wooden flooring mats, and we can also help you to decide which type of timber is the best fit for your needs.

Event flooring enquiries and orders

For help with these issues and any others, or to place an order for temporary event flooring, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

You can fill in our online contact form to put your enquiry into writing, helping us to give you a full response as quickly as we can, or we welcome telephone enquiries on 08000 12 12 31 where you can speak directly to a member of Timbermat’s team of timber experts.

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