Outdoor festivals and events are famed for getting extremely muddy and doing serious damage to the land they’re hosted on. Although some wear and tear is inevitable, you can minimise the damage with our outdoor event flooring.

Hire or buy temporary flooring for events and festivals

Our timber temporary flooring has been specifically designed for use at festivals and events. It seamlessly lays together, making coverage of any size of land a fast, easy process. Alongside this, our event floors provide excellent grip and are incredibly easy to clean of mud, snow or any other damage caused by the elements.

Built with natural materials and sustainably sourced, our temporary outdoor event flooring is an eco-friendly solution to providing stable, attractive flooring for your attendees.

If you are hosting a festival or event and are interested in buying or hiring temporary event floors, contact our specialist team today on 0800 012 1231 or fill out the form on the right to discuss your requirements.

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Temporary walkway through field leading to gazebo at the racesTrackway mats for temporary walkways

Alongside our hardwood timber ground protection mats, we supply trackway mats designed to help guide visitors around your festival or event, making it easier for people to discover everything on offer and reducing footfall on areas of exposed grass or mud.

Pedestrian walkway mats offer a high level of safety to event managers wishing to create pathing around their festival site or connect areas of event flooring together with non-slip surfaces.

Trackway mats provide:

  • Anti-slip treads, giving pedestrians better grip
  • A larger tread for small wheeled and tracked plant on the reverse side
  • Secure connections to adjoining mats to prevent gaps forming
  • An easy way for users of wheelchairs and other mobility device users to navigate your event.

In addition, trackway mats are lightweight, making it incredibly easy to install and remove them as required.

When properly installed, trackway mats make it easier for pedestrians to navigate your event whilst also reducing the risk of slips, trips and other health and safety concerns.

Should I buy or hire outdoor event flooring?

The decision to hire or buy your event flooring will be based on several factors, each unique to your business. Typically, the main considerations will be:

  • The regularity with which you host outdoor events
  • The storage space you have available
  • The financial implications on your events over the short and long term.

At Timbermat, we provide both options and can help whatever your requirements. Many of our clients also have their own stock and hire extras as required. And if you’re unsure of what’s best for you, we don’t try and push one option on you.

Instead, our team operates with a consultative approach, taking your temporary floor covering needs into account and helping you make the right decision for your business.

What size event flooring mats do I need?

Our trackway mats mentioned above come in a standard size of 1.2m x 2.4m, ensuring the single and double joining points align on all adjacent mats.

If you require mats for stages, seating platforms, car parks or other large areas, our timber temporary flooring is available in 1m x 3m and 1m x 5m sizes and a variety of thicknesses depending on the level of traffic you expect.

If you’re unsure about the number of mats required to cover the area of your event or how thick you need your flooring to be, contact a member of our team. We have experience helping a wide range of events and festivals with their temporary flooring requirements and will be able to provide you with the best-possible advice.

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If you’re hosting an event or festival and require advice on your temporary flooring requirements or would like to place an order, call our team today on 0800 012 1231.

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