Timber mats for solar and wind farm construction help keep every sustainable energy project running as smoothly an efficiently as possible.

Hire or buy timber mats for wind farm construction

Wind farm construction is one of the largest-scale, heaviest industries within the engineering sector in recent years. It does, however, bring a number of unique challenges, such as:

  • Being located away from urban and populated areas in exposed, remote locations
  • Possibly being placed in tidal and coastal areas to benefit from the heavier winds
  • Difficulty in accessing the site because of the isolated nature of it
  • Extremely challenging terrain

These issues, alongside the usual challenges faced in any large engineering and construction project, make it increasingly difficult to complete solar and wind farm construction projects on time and on budget.

Heavy duty timber mats can help to resolve these issues by providing temporary roadways for improved site access, crane platforms and outrigger pads to stabilise lifting vehicles, staging areas for construction materials and solid walkways on sands or wetlands. With these issues under control, you are able to focus on mitigating risks in other areas of the project, ensuring that construction is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Solar & wind farm construction mats for sale and hire

The varied challenges of solar and wind farm construction sites mean that this is one sector where our most heavy duty timber mats are often the best option.

Even our heaviest hardwood timber mats are designed to be easy to move around your job site as and when you need, with standard lifting points.

However, if you don’t want to store a stack of heavy-duty construction mats between projects, then you might want to hire ground protection mats for solar panelling and wind turbine construction on an as-needed basis.

We have stock available of our heaviest, thickest hardwood timber mats to hire and to buy, so the final decision rests with you – and we work with certified sustainable timber merchants to make sure we can continue to supply new hardwood mats for many years still to come.

What size are the biggest timber bog mats?

Our hardwood timber bog mats come in two standard sizes. We have 1m x 5m timber mats which can be laid alongside one another to create larger platforms and long temporary roadways, and 1m x 3m wood mats suitable for use as outrigger pads, narrower temporary walkways and anywhere the larger size is not needed.

Wind farmMeanwhile, our standard hardwood timber mats are available in a choice of European hardwood and tropical hardwood timbers including beech, oak, Dabema and Ekki, which again gives you a choice of strength profiles, with Ekki hardwood bog mats currently some of the strongest available anywhere in the world.

In addition to the two standard area sizes already mentioned, you can specify our standard timber mats in thicknesses ranging from 70 mm thick right up to 200-300 mm thick, which allows you to cater for different ground conditions or opt for our heaviest duty hardwood mats throughout the site.

Help with your wind farm construction project

The expert team at Timbermat have supplied ground protection mats for wind farm construction projects many times in the past and are able to help you to decide which are the best bog mats for wind turbine construction sites.

You might need heavy duty mats to create a working platform adjacent to the site of the wind turbine itself, or temporary roadways that can allow heavy plant to safely access the working site in remote locations.

With the help of Timbermat’s team of experts, we can help you to cater for any and all of the varied demands of wind farm construction.

To benefit from our recommendations, just fill in our online contact form or give our team a call on 08000 12 12 31 and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

REG Windpower required a temporary track way solution that would allow the transport of abnormal loads with gross vehicle weights of 120te across peat with CBR’s of less than 0.5%....
Windpower - Andrew Penfold, REG Windpower

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