Our tropical hardwood mats offer some of the best strength and durability characteristics of any species of wood in the world, with Ekki and Dabema tropical timber sustainably sourced from African timber merchants and fully certified for legal import into Europe.

These species are less abundant than European hardwoods and it is essential that forests are managed well to make sure that the natural environment is well cared for, and to guarantee good supply levels of fresh tropical timber for generations to come.

For these and other reasons, Timbermat work only with reputable tropical timber merchants to bring in sufficient quantities of each tropical hardwood species to meet demand – a task that is made easier by the unbeatable longevity offered by some species.

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What species of tropical hardwood is best?

Ekki timber mats are leading the market thanks to the tropical hardwood’s unparalleled strength and durability, which sets it apart even in comparison with other tropical timber species and puts it even further ahead of European timber mats.

However, Dabema bog mats have their own unique characteristics to offer, with strength properties similar to those of European beech timber mats, but a much higher durability class.

Ultimately the best type of tropical timber depends on the application, but if you want to buy tropical hardwood mats to hold in stock for future projects, the strength and durability scores mean they are likely to remain in good condition and offer you the versatility you need for many years to come.

Tropical hardwood mats vs. European timber species

Tropical hardwood mats are preferred by many customers due to their high strength properties. The dense fibres in the timber help tropical hardwood bog mats to withstand bending forces, high point pressure and surface abrasion well.

In addition to this, they score well on durability when compared with some European hardwoods, such as European beech bog mats in particular.

Dabema is Class 1-2 and Ekki is Class 1 durability, making both tropical timber species some of the longest lasting ground protection mats, capable of withstanding the toughest working environments such as swamps, wetlands, marshes and tidal locations.

Tropical timber mats to hire and buy

Durable Ekki and Dabema bog mats are an excellent investment, with usable lifespans of 25 years or more and excellent resistance to waterlogged conditions and other environmental challenges.

However, if you prefer to hire tropical timber mats as and when you need them, again this durability means we have stocks available in top condition, and hiring is a good economical option for occasional projects.

Contact us today to find out about our current stock levels of tropical timber bog mats, including what sizes and thicknesses of tropical hardwood mats we can supply at short notice.

What size tropical hardwood bog mats do I need?

Tropical hardwood bog mats give you the benefit of good strength and long-lasting durability, which makes tropical timber a great option for any size of bog mats.

In smaller and thinner mats, the high strength characteristics mean you benefit from a mat that can take the strain, even without spreading the pressure over such a large area or dissipating the stress through as thick of a layer of wood grain.

Meanwhile, on larger, thicker mats, those high-strength properties really come to the fore, making for some of our most rugged, durable and hard-wearing ground protection mats for heavy equipment, crane mats, piling rig platforms and so on.

Our tropical timber floor mats start from 70 mm thick and range up to 300 mm thick for heavy-duty applications, in standard sizes of 1m x 3m and 1m x 5m which can be laid alongside one another and connected together to create a consistent platform or temporary roadway over a wider area.

Ask us about our tropical timber mats

If you have any questions that are not answered here or on the individual pages about each of our tropical hardwood timber types, please feel free to ask us using our online contact form and we will reply as soon as we are able.

Alternatively, you can call Timbermat direct on 08000 12 12 31 to speak to one of our timber experts, and again we will do our best to answer any queries you may have over the phone.

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