Timbermat have bog mats for hire immediately in a good range of timber types, sizes and thicknesses so that you can always get the ground protection mats you need to get the job done.

We offer a full range of bog mat hire:

Although our selection of timber mats for hire at any one time naturally depends on availability, we hold a good amount of stock in all sizes and species to meet most needs without delay.
We also have timber mats for sale, if you want to cater for long-term needs, or if you rent bog mats from us and later decide to invest in some stock of your own.

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All Sizes Available

Bog mats sizes

We offer bog mats for hire in a range of sizes designed to meet all your requirements. Don’t see what you need? Contact us to see how we could help.

Thickness Width Length Site Use Loadings
70mm 1m 3m Light Traffic 1-25t
100mm 1m 3/4/5m Medium Traffic 35-45t
150mm 1m 3/5m Med / Heavy Traffic / Outriggers 45-65t
200mm 1m 3/5/6m Heavy Traffic / Outriggers 65-75t

Expert help with bog mat hire

If you need any help choosing bog mats for hire, just get in touch and we will be happy to advise on our latest timber prices, what we have in stock, and the best size, thickness and species of timber mat for your project.

We always source all of our timber from certified sustainable suppliers, in line with all of the relevant legislation, so when you hire timber mats from Timbermat, you can feel confident that you are complying with environmental rules too.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience working with ground protection, crane mats and temporary roadways on waterlogged and unstable land, making us your first port of call when you face subsidence, a shallow water table or even tidal conditions on an upcoming job.

If you have previously bought timber mats from us, we will also do our best to provide rental bog mats that are a close match, allowing you to supplement your own stock to create a larger but consistent temporary roadway, staging area or other platforms.

Uses for timber mats to hire

There’s an almost limitless list of reasons to hire timber mats, including many short-term and temporary applications, for example:

You can also hire timber mats to enable you to take on jobs that you might otherwise not be properly equipped for.

  • Try a different thickness mat or stiffer timber type.
  • Work on larger and more challenging sites.
  • Equip your teams for harsh environments and waterlogged conditions.
  • Prepare sites for heavier vehicles that you don’t normally use.

When you hire timber mats, you can account for changes to your normal working conditions, whether due to the site you are working on, the equipment you are using, or a new development in the way you work.

Why rent bog mats?

Bog mat rental has its benefits for short-term use or where you don’t want to have to store a large quantity of timber mats in between uses.

It’s also good if the size, type or quantity of bog mats you need changes a lot, for instance if you work with both light and heavy machinery, or on a lot of different types of solid ground, mud, and wet or tidal locations.

Or you might prefer to buy timber mats that you know you will use regularly, and use bog mat rental to top up the numbers as and when you need them.

Whatever works best for you, Timbermat’s combination of bog mat sales, rental and buyback is here to cater as closely as possible to your needs on all sizes of job, as quickly as possible.

For timber mat hire agreements, we can arrange to make sure you have everything you need for the duration of your job, which you can then return to us once your work is completed.

To find out more just get in touch and our team of timber mat experts will be happy to advise on our current stock levels and timber prices, so that we can provide you with bog mats to hire immediately that suit both the land you are working on, and the equipment and vehicles that need to pass above.

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