Durable piling rig mats from Timbermat create a solid, stable platform and safe access routes for piling rigs on unstable ground.

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Each piling mat is made of strong, durable and sustainable timber in either European or tropical hardwood species.

With our piling mats designed to join together almost seamlessly, you can cover over larger areas or lay a long succession of mats end to end, allowing different shapes and sizes of platform to be created:

  • Long temporary roadways to create a piling rig access route across the site.
  • Square/rectangular piling rig working platforms that give you room to manoeuvre.
  • Temporary platforms that can be re-positioned quickly and easily when needed.

Each individual mat includes standardised lifting points, making it easy to move individual piling mats to a new position, for example, if you need to remove the temporary access route once your piling rig is in place, and reinstate it so that the rig can exit the site at a later date.

The benefits of using piling rig mats

Like traditional timber mats, piling rig mats act as ground protection mats, working to prevent substantial damage to the surface while work is being undertaken.

Crucially, however, piling rig mats allow heavy machinery to be used safely in even the most unstable of conditions and dramatically reduce the risk of machinery toppling over during drilling operations.

Our piling rig mats are some of our hardest-wearing bog mats. They are suitable for use in the most difficult of environments and last for many years, making them a sound, long-term investment.

To discuss our piling rig mats further, give us a call on 08000 12 1231 to speak directly with one of our experts or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.

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What is the best piling mat specification?

The ideal piling mat specification may vary depending on the project at hand, the weight of your equipment, the ground quality underneath and so on.

However, we generally find that our 150 mm and 200 mm thickness timber mats are sufficient to create a piling rig working platform or a safe access route across soft or unstable ground.

With the right piling mats, you can even make it safe to work on sites that are impassable for heavy piling equipment without a temporary roadway in place.

Our individual piling mats are produced to cover significant surface area each, ensuring that the pressure of heavy piling rigs is spread over a large area and making it safer to operate on unstable ground.

In many cases your piling rig will naturally span several timber mats at any given time, helping to dissipate the peak forces even further and reducing the risk of ground subsidence due to the weight of the machinery.

What do piling mats protect against?

A piling mat working platform protects against a wider range of risks than you might imagine.

These include:

  • Waterlogged land and ground subsidence.
  • Hidden infrastructure such as water pipes and mains gas supplies.
  • Bare earth that can become deep mud under piling rig tracks in wet weather.
  • Muddy or frozen furrows that make it difficult to move around the work area on foot.
  • Sloping and uneven land that could cause unplanned movement of the rig.

Durable timber mats can be exposed to bad weather without lasting damage – a quick clean once the worst of the weather has passed can quickly restore your site to good operational order and you can expect up to several decades of use out of our hardiest piling mats.

How you can use piling rig mats

Most commonly used to provide a stable platform for piling operations, piling rig mats are durable, versatile timber mats which have a number of alternative applications.

On sites where the ground is particularly soft or boggy, piling rig mats can be used to create temporary access roads which make sites with no direct access easily accessible. Piling rig mats make even the most challenging terrain accessible, even being used as a platform to bring heavy machinery into a beach or tidal zone.

By laying piling rig mats end-to-end, you can also create a heavy-duty temporary roadway throughout your site, making it easy to move heavy mobile equipment whether it’s on wheels or tracks. Not only does this improve operating conditions for you and your staff by making equipment more manoeuvrable, it helps to prevent damage to both the equipment and the ground below.

All this combines to help you complete work more efficiently and effectively, from both a timing and financial perspective.

Should I hire piling mats or buy my own?

We are happy to work around what you need, with piling mats to hire or to buy, and naturally, the decision will depend largely on whether your work is a one-time project or an ongoing part of your core business.

If you do choose to buy piling mats of your own from Timbermat, we can provide the necessary certification on any imported tropical hardwood or European timber species as required to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable timber and responsible forestry.

You can always use hired piling mats to top up your own stock on larger projects, and just return your them when the work is completed, or we have larger quantities of piling mats to hire if you have none of your own.

The decision is entirely yours and either way, we will supply you with high quality piling rig mats in good condition, as any damaged mats are immediately removed from our stock of piling rig mats to hire.

If you would like our help with your decision, choosing the correct piling mat specifications for your work, or with any general enquiries and questions about piling mats or any of our timber bog mats, call our team or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Give us a call on 08000 12 1231 to speak to one of our experts directly or fill out an online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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