Dabema wood is a moderately durable tropical hardwood common to many African rainforests and has a large number of alternative names in different parts of the continent.

In the UK it also has several common names, some of which are listed below. TRADA refer to it primarily as Dahoma, and you may also hear it called African teak wood.

Dabema wood is less durable than our other main tropical hardwood, Ekki timber, but still ranks in the top two grades, indicating an expected longevity of at least 15 years under typical usage, and potentially as long as 25 years or more.

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Hardwood Hard Facts: Dabema Wood

Check the characteristics of our Dabema wood mats below for all of the variables you need to work out the ideal size and thickness of tropical hardwood mats for your upcoming project, or to compare with our other tropical hardwood Ekki mats and with our European hardwood beech and oak bog mats.

  • Botanic Name: Piptadeniastrum africanum
  • Common Names: Dabema, Dahoma, African Teak, Ekhim, Elae, Odan
  • Volume Mass: 688 kg per cubic metre
  • Elasticity Module: 12,000 N per mm sq
  • Flexibility Strength: 104 N per mm sq
  • Pressure Strength: 56 N per mm sq
  • Slide Strength: 15 N per mm sq
  • Durability Class: 1-2

If you compare Dabema wood with European oak you will see that the two species are fairly closely comparable on several characteristics, which makes African teak wood a good substitute for European oak in many applications, including in the use of Dabema bog mats.

What are the dimensions of Dabema wood bog mats?

We can supply Dabema timber mats in our standard sizes, ranging from 70 mm to 300 mm thick and a typical surface area of 1m x 3m or 1m x 5m, which can, in turn, be fastened together to span larger areas with no gaps in between.

African teak wood compares closely with European oak timber in some ways, but performs more like tropical hardwood in others, making it a versatile middle ground with good flexibility and crushing strength.

If you are not sure what size of Dabema mats you need, please feel free to make an enquiry, and we will help you to determine if a specific size and thickness of Dabema bog mat offers the characteristics and ground protection you need when factoring in the weight of people, equipment and vehicles passing over it.

Can I hire Dabema wood mats?

We are able to provide African teak bog mats on a sale or hire basis, to suit the needs of your upcoming projects.

Their Class 1-2 durability means you can expect at least 15 years of service life from Dabema bog mats under normal working conditions, and potentially over 25 years thanks to this tropical hardwood’s resistance to even quite challenging environments.

If you choose to hire Dabema mats from Timbermat, we will make sure you receive bog mats in good condition, which again is a testament to the longevity of this hard-wearing tropical hardwood and its suitability for use again and again.

Hiring African teak mats does not pose a risk in terms of site insurance, as the wood itself has little intrinsic value, but the mats prove their worth when put to use in temporary roadways, piling rig platforms or for ground protection.

Find out more about African teak wood mats

We always aim to hold substantial stocks of Dabema bog mats for hire and purchase, but if you have a large project on the horizon and need to check that sufficient supply will be available, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise on our current availability of Dabema mats and of our other timber species too.

You can call us with any questions about our tropical hardwood ground protection mats on 08000 12 12 31 and a member of our team will answer immediately if possible to do so.

Alternatively, fill in our online contact form with any queries about our African teak wood mats, our other tropical hardwoods, or our European hardwood bog mats – we always aim to answer as promptly as possible with as much of the relevant information as we can provide, to help you decide which timber mats are right for your upcoming project.

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