European beechwood timber mats offer deceptively good value, with high strength characteristics that compare well against other European hardwood mats.

Beech timber is rated in Class 5 for durability, which means a typical beechwood timber bog mat will give up to five years of service life, but you can get a lot out of them in that time, and that makes beech timber mats a great alternative to tropical hardwoods if you want timber mats produced within Europe.

As always we work with European hardwood timber merchants who are fully certified in responsible forestry, to ensure that we only use sustainable supplies of beechwood timber – and as this is considered plentiful species anyway, that makes beech timber a good eco-friendly and relatively locally sourced option.

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Hardwood Hard Facts: European Beech

These are the main properties of our European beechwood timber mats, helping you to calculate the size and thickness of beech timber mats you need for your next job, and to compare them with our European oak mats and tropical hardwood varieties.

  • Botanic Name: Fagus sylvatica
  • Common Names: European Beech, Common Beech
  • Volume Mass: 700 kg per cubic metre
  • Elasticity Module: 12,300 N per mm sq
  • Flexibility Strength: 113 N per mm sq
  • Pressure Strength: 54 N per mm sq
  • Slide Strength: 10 N per mm sq
  • Durability Class: 5

Although it is not classed as highly durable, European beech bog mats have good strength compared to other European hardwood species such as oak – with higher flexibility, crushing and abrasion strength, and a higher modulus of elasticity, making these a good option for rugged timber mats from European timber merchants.

Sizes and thickness of European Beech bog mats

The relatively high strength and toughness of European beechwood timber make it a good option for strong bog mats of all sizes, including some of our smaller crane mat sizes that need to be able to take the weight of outrigger struts over a smaller area.

Our standard timber mat sizes are 1m x 3m for crane pads and smaller temporary walkways, and 1m x 5m when you need to cover a larger area or want to construct a stage, platform or larger temporary roadway by laying multiple mats alongside one another.

Mats are available in thicknesses ranging from 70 mm up to 300 mm and again, the strength of European beech timber against abrasion, crushing and bending means even the thinner beech bog mats can be extremely tough under normal usage conditions.

European Beechwood timber mats to buy or hire

European beech timber prices reflect its high strength and lower durability, so when you buy European beechwood bog mats, you benefit from this balance to deliver excellent value overall.

As an abundant species on the continent, European beech timber supplies are not under any threat in the foreseeable future, which means if your bog mats start to show signs of wear and tear as their expected five-year service life approaches, you are unlikely to encounter any problems replacing them.

If used less intensively than the norm and stored well, there is no reason why European beechwood timber can’t outlive its rated lifespan considerably – again making beech bog mats a great value option for light or occasional use.

Of course, if you prefer to hire European beech bog mats as and when you need them, we will make sure the timber mats you receive are always in excellent condition, and we regularly replenish our stock to remove any worn or damaged mats from those we hire out to customers.

More about our European Beechwood bog mats

If you’re not sure whether European beech timber is the best choice for your bog mats, please feel free to ask, as we are happy to help with any queries relating to specific applications or working environments, and can recommend an alternative European hardwood or tropical hardwood if beech bog mats are not suitable.

You can call us on 08000 12 12 31 to speak to a member of the Timbermat team of expert timber merchants or fill in our online contact form to give us all the details of your enquiry in writing, and we will get back to you as soon as we can with our expert support and suggestions.

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