Ground Protection Products

  • Hardwood Portable Roadways

    Strong and Robust Roadway

    Manufactured from hardwood timbers, our portable roadways are designed to be used for access over poor boggy ground conditions, or to protect hard standing surfaces and underground services. Strong and durable, they can cope with the most demanding jobs. Read more »

  • Heavy Duty Crane/Piling Rig mats

    Crane Mats

    Designed and manufactured in our Sawmills, these mats can withstand the heaviest of load pressures on any surface. Standard sizes avaliable are five and six metre widths, and you can rest assured that our mats will always provide you with a strong stable base. Read more »

  • Extreme Soft Ground Conditions

    Sea Defence

    Even in the most demanding soft ground and tidal conditions, our heavy duty system can guarantee your works are completed safely and on time. Read more »

  • Utilities/Railway Protection Mats

    M6 Motorway, Rail Protection 150mm Mats

    Undergoing demolition works over a rail line or a utility service can prove to be most demanding for contractors. Our heavy duty system is designed to withstand extreme pressures from heavy plant and falling debris, ensuring your works are completed with minimum disruption. Read more »

  • Reco-Trac™ Trackway Light, Medium and Heavy Duty

    Reco-Trac Lightweight System

    High Density 100% Recycled Heavy Duty Polyethylene Trackway. 30mm x 1m x 3m. Read more »

  • Reco-Trac™ Pedestrian Walkways Light, Medium and Heavy Duty

    Reco-Trac Lightweight Access Walkways

    Our Reco-Trac system can provide a safe access route for staff and visitors around site. It can also be utilised as a temporary car park and for small plant works. Reco-Trac can be supplied in a variety of colours to define safe walk routes around a site. Read more »

  • Access Ramps

    Access Ramps

    Manufactured to any design to gain safe access on to heavy duty mats, platforms, over rail lines, pavements and many more applications. Read more »

  • Emtek Access & Ground Protection System

    Emtek Crane Mat

    Introducing the only system on the market with tested and certified load calculations: superior in strength to standard mats twice its depth and weight. New laminating technology enables higher load carrying capacities with certified load calculations. Read more »

  • Timber Railway Sleepers

    Timber Railway Sleepers

    Timber Railway Sleepers available in tropical, oak hardwoods & softwoods. All sizes available. Read more »

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