Ground Protection Mats

These lightweight and versatile ground protection mats are easily carried and installed by hand, which is ideal for hard to reach areas.

Ground protection mats can be used to create paths and tracks, or to cover larger areas that are both longer and wider, creating a consistent surface for vehicles or foot traffic.

Each is manufactured with two types of anti-slip surface tread – on one side this is designed for pedestrian traffic, then the ground protection mats are simply flipped over for the heavier tread for construction traffic.

This makes it easy to reconfigure them on site at short notice – allowing them to double as an easy way to create a clear parking zone for crane vehicles, as well as to provide a solid surface for outriggers to rest on, for extra stability.

Whether you use them to protect the ground itself against becoming churned up and swampy, or to protect vehicles against sinking into softer soil, lightweight access panels are a simple way to spread the pressure of the vehicle’s weight.

Supplied with ground anchors and heavy duty connecting clips, these panels are ideal for temporary roadways and car parks, pedestrian access around sites, and events.

Contact us today with your requirements, and we can help you choose the right type of ground protection, and offer our sale and hire options.

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Lightweight access panels
Ground Protection Mats
Lightweight access panels
Ground Protection Mats


















Ground Protection Mats specifications

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