Emtek® Heavy Equipment Mats

The emtek® (31FHD), heavy equipment mats are designed from an engineering perspective to provide structural and environmental solutions to access and support needs. Engineered ground pressure distribution and “clean” materials construction reduces the potential for environmental non‐compliance issues on the job‐site. Loading capacity on firm ground at 4123psi.

All emtek® mats are tested in accordance with ASTM 5456 and therefore can be used to specifically calculate ground pressure conditions and deflections under given loads. This helps onsite personnel to meet depression limits associated with root structure, soil mixing and other environmentally sensitive requirements.

Based on the high strength of the laminated billet construction used in the emtek® products, mat thickness can be significantly less than standard timber mats. Reduced mat thickness means less weight and more mats per truck. This results in an average reduction of fuel consumption of 50%.

Please click the image below to view our gallery of emtek® mats, view the catalogue , read our emtek install guide or view the product specifications

Emtek Crane Platform & Outrigger Support
Emtek Heavy Equipment Mats & Outrigger Support
Emtek Roadway across peat
Emtek Roadway Across Peat
Hardwood Mats
Hardwood Mats






























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