Emtek® Heavy Equipment Mats

The emtek® Heavy Equipment Mats are designed from an engineering perspective to provide both structural and environmental solutions to access and supports needs. Emtek® is also the world’s first engineered mat system which follows an interlocking clip system which is easily installed and provides an even stronger base. They are an excellent choice when it comes to swamp mats, bog matting, marsh and wetlands protection, non-uniform, environmentally sensitive jobs sites.

Some benefits of the emtek® mats is that they are capable of supporting loads far in excess of standard mats. Also with the engineered technology which allows for greater longevity and durability over the extended life of the emtek® mat. This heavy equipment mat is known for protecting fragile ecosystems in environmentally sensitive wetlands. Engineered ground pressure distribution and clean materials construction reduces the potential for environmental non-compliance issues on the site of the project. Emtek® mats are suitable for a range of applications including temporary roadways, pipeline tracks, traffic access, parking areas, utility protection, crane platforms, bridges and more. The heavy equipment mats are reliable for their strength which is important for the safety of workers and equipment, seeing as the products exceed industry standards as each mat is tested before being used.

The emtek® heavy equipment mats come in sizes of 89mm x 1.75m x 4.9m and have a loading capacity on firm ground at 4123psi. Our mats include steel edge protection and are treated with LifePro micronized copper technology to prevent biological decay. All our emtek mats have been tested to follow the guidelines set out in accordance with ASTM 5456 which can, therefore, be used to calculate the ground pressure conditions and deflections under any given loads. This helps any personnel onsite to meet the depression limits associated with root structure, soil mixing and other environmentally sensitive requirements.

Based on the high strength of the laminated billet construction used in the emtek® products, mat thickness can be significantly less than standard timber mats. As a result of reduced mat thickness, this means less weight and more mats per truck which ultimately results in an average reduction of fuel consumption of 50%.

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