Temporary Roadways

Temporary roadways make the inaccessible accessible for heavy vehicles and mobile machinery, by covering over poor ground conditions and spreading the weight of heavy plant passing above.

Our most popular temporary roadways come in 70 mm thickness, and in widths of either 3 metres or 5 metres, and of course multiple mats can be used in sequence to create a longer roadway.

If you are working in especially bad ground conditions, or with extremely heavy equipment and vehicles, we can supply 100 mm mats.

These form an even more substantial roadway, able to withstand greater loads and cover ground with even less integrity of its own.

We can help you to decide which mats you need, how many you need, and how well they can help you to overcome the challenging conditions of accessing sites with the poorest ground quality.

Timbermat employees are experts in all of the relevant issues, and we will be happy to provide you with someone who can make a recommendation for your unique needs.

Our expertise has helped make even the most extreme work sites accessible for steel-tracked plant – even including coastal locations under tidal conditions.

The timber mats simply form a solid and stable temporary roadway, leaving the quagmire below out of sight and out of mind for vehicle operators above.

Please click the image below to view our gallery of temporary roadway mats:

Temporary Roadway Mat
Temporary Roadway Mats
Temporary Roadway Mats
Temporary Roadway Mats

Even in extreme tidal conditions, our timber mats form a safe stable roadway, for steel tracked plant.

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