Bog Mat Sizes & Dimensions

Choosing The Right Bog Mat For The Job!
70mm – Ideal for creating a temporary roadway on pipeline, power and construction sites. Suitable for light construction equipment, such as excavators and dumpers, up to 35 tonnes.

70mm x 1m x 3m
70mm x 1m x 5m

100mm – The most common size again used to create temporary roads onsite in the energy, pipeline, power and construction sectors, predominantly used on pipeline contracts up to 45 tonnes.

100mm x 1m x 3m
100mm x 1m x 5m

150mm – Ideal for middle to heavyweight cranes, plant and large trucks usually weighing greater than 35 tonnes. This mat is often used as a sub-soil for pontoons or concrete floors, and in civil projects up to 60 tonnes.

150mm x 1m x 3m
150mm x 1m x 5m

200/250mm – For heavy cranes, construction equipment and tracked machinery, or in very poor ground conditions for example peat, sand and tidal works, with weight in excess of 60 tonnes.

200mm x 1m x 3m
200mm x 1m x 5m/6m
250/300mm x 1m x 6m

Emtek Laminated System
89mm x 1.75m x 4.9m – This new laminated system can distribute weight and loadings far in excess of normal mats, thus enabling very heavy plant and cranes to track safely over even the poorest of ground conditions such as peat and sand. This system will allow 4123 psi on firm ground.

Emtek product specification
Temporary walkway mats product specification

Timbermat Ground Guards
2.4m x 1.2m – Manufactured with an anti-slip tread and ideal for pedestrian access around sites, festivals and shows. Lightweight and easily installed by hand, this Ground Guard system can also accommodate rubber tracked and wheeled plant. Comes complete with heavy duty clips, to form a safe secure walkway or roadway.

Mats protect ground and underground services from damage, which limits the impact on the environment. Provides secure access for plant, machinery and vehicles over soft ground. Our Hardwood Timber is environmentally friendly, and from legal sustainable sources. Easy to stack, transport and off-load. Existing machinery on site can be utilised to manoeuvre the mats therefore reducing on site costs. No real market value outside of the work they are designed for, reducing the risk of theft.

Quick and easy to install, they have two lifting eyes, no need to fix mats together as due to their heavy weight they simply stay in place once laid. Our mats are very durable and can last many years.

Main Projects & Uses
Pipeline Contracts, Oil, Gas and Utility Infrastructure Projects, and wind farms. Construction and civil engineering contracts, including piling and temporary bridges. Bog Mats provide secure main roads onto sites for Plant, Machinery and Vehicles where the ground is poor. Bog Mats provide ground protection and solid working platforms for cranes and other heavy Plant.

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