Azobe mats for heavy duty crane operations

Azobe mats are our most durable timber mats for heavy-duty crane operations and give you a safe and stable platform for crane outriggers to stand on, spreading the load across an even larger area on the ground where stability is still a concern.

Why use Azobe timber mats?

Azobe is also known as Ekki and belongs to the botanical species Lophira alata, a durable tropical hardwood placed in Durability Class 1, with our highest volume mass, elasticity and flexibility strength.

Each of our most heavy-duty crane pads measures 1m wide, 1.5m long and 200 mm thick, with two steel-reinforced lifting points for easy manoeuvrability.

Inside each lifting point is an M24 steel bar, secured on the side of the timber mat with a countersunk steel bolt and washer for a surface finish that is flush with the surface of the wood itself.

The dual lifting points not only make it easier to move these heavy duty ground protection mats from location to location as the crane needs to move, but they also ensure that the mat itself stays stable when in motion, with two points of contact with your lifting equipment.

All of the timber used comes from sustainable sources in accordance with present-day laws on hardwood manufacture and procurement, and this is verified via registration with the Forest Stewardship Council, so you can have complete peace of mind that you are using outrigger pads made with sustainable timber.

The crane operator ultimately bears the responsibility for the use of crane outrigger pads, and by opting for a Class 1 durable hardwood like Azobe, you benefit from high-density timber mats with excellent strength and elasticity.

Also in Durability Class 1-2 are Okan and Dabema timber mats, both of which also offer high slide strength and pressure strength, along with flexibility and elasticity that comes a close second to Ekki timber mats.

Meanwhile for less heavy-duty applications, our American and European Oak mats, as well as Beech timber mats, offer lower volume density, with slightly lower pressure and slide strength, but still good flexibility and elasticity – and every species of timber mat has its own applications for which it is ideally suited.

To find out more about the best timber mats for your upcoming project, call Timbermat today on 08000 12 1231 and we will be happy to discuss your options. Alternatively, you can view our hire and buy pages for more information. 

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