How to quickly prepare a construction site

With a backlog of delayed and postponed projects to clear as we move beyond the Coronavirus pandemic, the next challenge for the construction industry will be to work as efficiently as possible to complete work quickly and maximise bounce-back revenues.

One way to do this is by preparing construction sites quickly for work to get underway as soon as possible – so what should you prioritise when planning a new construction project?

1. Clear the site

First of all, you’ll need to clear any waste materials and other unwanted debris from the site.

This must be disposed of in an appropriate (and legal) way, so make sure you know the rules that apply to different materials and any controlled or hazardous substances.

You may want to have temporary road mats on hand so that as you clear an area, you can lay an access road for vehicles to reach deeper into the site.

2. Plan the layout

A good site plan will get things running more quickly and much more smoothly on day one, as everyone will know where they need to be.

Give some thought to which areas need to be left clear to build on, and work around these to position materials and machinery, semi-permanent access roads for the duration of the project, and any other spaces you need to demarcate.

3. Lay ground protection mats

Ground protection mats can be laid in minutes and serve all kinds of purposes, all of which help keep construction work on track.

Timber bog mats are easy to move and can be used to create temporary roadways and pedestrian walkways, staging areas for materials, operating platforms for machinery, and general ground protection against falling debris.

4. Safety first

Remember to assess any risks to health and safety due to the site’s geography, any utilities or infrastructure on-site, and other relevant concerns.

Again, ground protection mats can help to reduce many safety risks by putting a barrier underfoot, creating a clean work area, and distributing the weight of machinery and vehicles over a larger surface area.

With this simple four-step plan, you can be underway without delay, with a well organised, safe and efficient construction site from day one. For any further information on how we can help to protect your worksite, please get in touch here.

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