The benefits of timber bog mats for winter construction work

Winter weather can be unpredictable, but one thing’s for sure – it poses challenges for ongoing construction work, especially when conditions change rapidly overnight.

Timber bog mats are the perfect solution to all kinds of inclement conditions, allowing work to stay on schedule throughout the winter months.

Cover muddy ground, improve grip in icy conditions, or prevent a flood on rainy days, all by laying bog mats on the access routes and main working areas of your site.

Coping with heavy rain

Timber mats can be used to continue working even on a relatively wet site. In fact, our bog mats are often used in tidal areas and wetlands, so they should be able to cope with a rainy building site.

By stacking mats in a perpendicular pattern, you can raise the level of the ground in waterlogged areas, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to continue working.

Dealing with muddy building sites

Mud is a major problem for winter construction sites. Again, laying timber mats on the ground provides some immediate respite.

You can create temporary pathways and roadways with better grip, working platforms for lifting equipment and other machinery, and even bridge over any muddy channels and ditches.

This not only allows activity to continue, it also protects the ground against becoming even muddier under the weight of vehicles passing over it, and can prevent damage to equipment by creating a physical barrier between machinery and the mud below.

What about wind?

Windy conditions are to be expected in winter, and timber mats can be used to create stable lifting platforms for crane vehicles.

Remember to use stable outrigger pads too. This is particularly crucial in winter when the ground may be wet, as you don’t want your outriggers to sink into soft earth.

Always stress test your site before starting any heavy lifting operations, and keep within the working parameters of your crane vehicles to avoid a potentially costly and dangerous incident.

Snow and ice

Finally, have some spare timber mats available in case of snow or ice overnight. When you arrive in the morning, it’s quick and easy to cover any patches of ice with bog mats, for instant grip without having to wait for the thaw.

Timbermat has bog mats available to buy or to hire, so you can stock up for winter in a way that suits your business.

For more information about our timber bog mats, contact Timbermat today and we will be happy to help.

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