Types of temporary walkway for construction sites

What type of temporary walkway is best for your project?

Temporary walkway mats are a quick, versatile way to create a safe path across construction sites – so what are the different ways to use them?

You might be surprised that there are actually several options when it comes to laying temporary walkways on construction sites – here are just a few different ways you can do it.

Pedestrian walkways

Pedestrian walkways keep foot traffic separate from vehicles and mobile equipment, and can also mark out important routes across construction sites, such as from the gate to the site office.

Because pedestrian walkway mats are easy to move using standard lifting equipment, your pathways can be relaid as and when you need to change the route or clear the area for construction work.

High-grip textured walkway mats

For improved safety, especially in wet or muddy conditions, textured walkway mats offer a high-grip surface that is particularly good for improved pedestrian grip.

Our pedestrian walkway mats actually offer two different sizes of grip, depending on which way up you lay the mat, and this allows you to choose between the standard size suitable for general pedestrian use, or the more rugged reverse side for enhanced grip in extreme conditions and for wheeled machinery and vehicles.

Heavy-duty combined roadways

If you’re concerned about the total weight of pedestrians, equipment, vehicles and heavy plant passing over your combined roadways, Emtek heavy-duty mats are an excellent option.

Their engineered construction means they can support much higher loads, with interlocking clips to secure multiple mats together and create a smooth, consistent surface free from trip hazards.

Should I hire or buy temporary walkway mats?

As always, we have stocks of temporary walkway mats to hire or to buy – so the choice is up to you. Low rental prices mean you can create a temporary pathway across a construction site without adding too much to your budget for the project.

Temporary walkway mats to buy mean they are there when you need them – and with the different grip options on each side of the mat, you are not limited to a single method of using the pedestrian walkway mats you buy.

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