Unique features of timber mats

Using a timber mat on your construction site is not the same as using any old wooden board.

High quality bog mats will not only be usable for up to 50 years or more, but also come with a range of other features that will reduce hazards in your construction site.


The timber used for bog mats is specifically chosen for its unique properties.

For instance, our Ekki (Azobe) hardwood mats benefit from the timber’s interlocked grains, which provides exceptional resistance to splitting. Ekki is also one of the few timber species that can sink in water, making it ideal for waterlogged bogs.

Seamless Assembly

Our timber mats are designed to be used together in large numbers and nestle closely alongside one another to create large, seamless areas.

By placing multiple mats adjacent to one another, you can create a continuous smooth surface free from trip hazards, and ideal to compensate for ground surfaces that are already uneven or suffer from minor dips and ruts.

In this way, bog mats can provide seamless physical defence for the ground surface below, as well as reducing construction hazards by creating large, stable working platforms.

Marked Edges

One extra safety feature commonly seen on industrial mats is the familiar yellow and black chevrons along the edges.

These not only help to highlight the edges of the mats for people stepping on to temporary pathways or vehicles joining temporary roadways, but also improve visibility of defined routes and of where the ground is protected.

High Grip

One of the most important applications of timber mats is to provide a smooth, stable surface for vehicles and pedestrians. The high-grip upper layer of a proper timber mat makes sure tyre treads can find purchase and reduces the risk of people slipping.

This is particularly valuable for construction sites which will experience flooded, muddy or icy conditions.


An often-overlooked application of industrial mats derives from their cushioned design, as some timber mats are specifically designed to absorb and dissipate shock forces.

This makes bog mats more comfortable underfoot for pedestrians – something to be grateful for when working in the area for a long period of time!

Chemical resistance

Bog mats can also offer resistance to chemical spills, with ground protection mats for industrial areas available in a range of different materials that will be able to cope with chemical contact, allowing the spill to be cleared up quickly and without contaminating the surrounding land.

It should be clear from the points above that an industrial timber mat is not just any old plank of wood. It’s a valuable investment for a construction project and an important part of any construction risk assessment.

Hire or buy timber mats today, or get in touch if you have any questions.

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