How to protect ground at festivals

A proactive approach to protecting ground at festivals can make a big difference to the cost of staging your event – a relatively small investment in ground protection mats for hire or sale can save a lot of money on putting the ground back as it was afterwards.

There will always be some damage or disruption after a major event, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect ground at festivals. Instead, you should aim to minimise the damage as much as possible using sensible, affordable methods like trackway mats.

What happens to the ground at a festival?

Outdoor festivals can be held on all kinds of ground, but it’s when they’re held on grass or bare earth that the damage can be most severe.

Soft ground is easily trampled, compacted and kicked about by pedestrians, especially dancing crowds. Worse still, if it rains, all that earth is going to turn into mud, and we’ve all seen the state of British music festivals in rainy summers in the past.

When the rain stops, the ground can be baked solid by the summer sun, making it even more difficult to flatten out any deep ruts or lumps and bumps in the surface – which is why prevention is better than cure.

How do ground protection mats help?

Ground protection mats do more than just put a barrier between feet and earth. Their large area helps to spread the pressure of people, vehicles and equipment passing above.

By distributing pressure more evenly, you remove the potential for individual footprints or tyre tracks. The weight is divided by the area of the mat, so any one point on the ground beneath experiences less force than it otherwise might.

Large numbers of ground protection mats can be laid seamlessly alongside one another, so no matter what area your festival covers, you can create a single, flat and consistent floor for your event.

Why choose trackway mats for festivals?

The availability of ground protection mats for hire means you can rent our trackway mats when you need them, without storing them between events.

Without further regulation changes, there will likely be a huge surge in festivals this summer and our trackway mats can help to saving huge amounts of damage to the land whilst providing your festival attendees a significantly more pleasant surface under foot.

To find out more about ground protection for festivals, call Timbermat today on 0800 012 12 31 or email and a member of our specialist team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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