Temporary Outdoor Flooring Solutions to Make Your Event More Sustainable

Outdoor event flooring is one of the easiest ways to make your festival or event more sustainable, by protecting the environment in a number of important ways.

Temporary outdoor flooring is affordable, and if you don’t want to buy ground protection mats of your own, outdoor flooring hire is available for as long as you need.

By using sustainable outdoor floor matting, you reduce damage to the ground surface, create a platform that helps to retain discarded litter until it can be removed, and protect useful items like tents that can be reused or donated to charity.

Steps towards sustainable outdoor events

Many festival operators have already taken steps to make their outdoor events more sustainable, for example:

  • Encouraging visitors to arrive via public transport
  • Reducing or banning single-use plastic bottles on-site
  • Donating left-behind tents and other useful items to charity

Sustainable outdoor event flooring means you can improve the health and safety of a large outdoor event or festival, without compromising on those eco credentials.

Why choose hardwood ground protection mats?

Timbermat’s European hardwood and tropical hardwood timber ground protection mats are produced using sustainably sourced, responsibly forested timber.

When in use as temporary outdoor flooring, they offer excellent grip underfoot, seamless coverage over large areas, and can easily be cleared of mud or snow.

Sustainable temporary access roads for festivals

Timber mats also work well to create sustainable temporary access roads into outdoor events, protecting the ground against tyres, and large areas can be covered to create temporary car parks for festivalgoers.

You can read more about the sustainability of timber bog mats here.

New solutions for light traffic protection

One of the latest additions to Timbermat’s catalogue are our 100% recycled Light Traffic Protection Mats, which can be used to lay temporary roadways and temporary pedestrian footpaths alike.

To learn more about this new form of sustainable outdoor floor matting, contact Timbermat today.

Why temporary doesn’t mean disposable

If neither of these options are appropriate, it is important to at least consider the lifespan of your outdoor flooring.

Temporary outdoor flooring should not be single-use, and Timbermat trackway mats are an excellent way of laying temporary pedestrian routes across large festival sites that will still be usable afterwards.

You can buy trackway mats for reuse if you host regular events or, if you prefer, you can hire temporary flooring for an upcoming event then return it to Timbermat, which allows us to reuse mats in good condition and sustainably recycle those at the end of their usable lifespan.

If you would like to know more about any of our temporary outdoor event flooring, please contact Timbermat directly.

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