Demolition protection mats help you stay fallout free

Demolition protection mats are the essential ground protection mats you need when bringing down any kind of structure, from tall towers and multi-storey blocks, to relatively contained and careful dismantling of single storeys.

They serve as all-purpose ground protection mats, providing a stable surface for workers to walk on, helping to spread the load of heavy machinery and rugged wheels on soft ground, and absorbing the impact and general debris of the demolition work itself.

Demolition protection mats by Timbermat

Our demolition protection mats are heavy-duty, available in 150 mm and 200 mm thicknesses, and this helps to give you the maximum levels of safety on-site, including any sensitive areas where underground utilities and service lines might be buried.

With delicate pipework and cables often buried only a short distance below the surface, and prone to cracking if the ground shifts, demolition protection mats help to reduce this risk by spreading the pressure of vehicles and plant equipment, as well as any falling rubble.

The Manchester Precinct Centre demolition

You may have seen our road protection mats during demolition works at the University of Manchester on Oxford Road, where the pedestrian bridge access into the Precinct Centre was pulled down as part of campus regeneration works.

The bridge – which would have been 50 years old in 2019 – was demolished in mid-August 2015, with Oxford Road partially closed for only a few weeks afterwards, and fully open again as the new academic year got underway.

Our demolition protection mats helped to make sure the road surface on this important transport route through the University of Manchester campus was not significantly damaged by the works, which would otherwise have seen large high-reach trucks forced to drive on the exposed road surface.

With the help of our heavy-duty road protection mats the demolition works remained focused on bringing down the bridge structure with close attention to avoiding collateral damage in the surrounding built environment – with the buildings at both ends of the bridge retained for refurbishment works.

Ultimately this allowed a valuable transport route to reopen within weeks, and campus redevelopment continues as part of an ambitious multi-year investment – highlighting the importance of demolition protection for surrounding areas to keep large and long-term projects on schedule.


Take a look at our range of timber mats. If you cannot find the product you need get in touch with our team and we’ll be able to help.

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