Five locations for ground protection mats

Ground protection mats can be used for different reasons in very different locations. Here are five places where you might find a need for ground protection mats, which together help to highlight how versatile and important these timber mats really are.


Roads benefit twice from ground protection mats – once from above and once from below. While the mats protect the road surface against any falling debris, they also help to spread the weight of vehicles and reduce the risk of breaking through the road into hidden cavities below, from buried utilities, to basements and buried fuel tanks.


Ground protection mats can protect grass, often leaving it in completely fine condition when the timber mats are lifted up again.

This makes them versatile to create temporary roadways, parking and staging areas, or to demarcate routes for pedestrians or vehicles for the duration of an event.


Muddy ground is one of the most common places to use ground protection mats, as they can hide a multitude of sins underneath to reinstate a dry and solid surface for feet and vehicles alike.

Used early in a project, they can even provide a physical barrier to prevent exposed earth from being churned into mud by heavy tyres, leaving less landscaping work to do in order to put things right later.


Ground protection mats are often placed in the bottom of drained canals to create a stable and dry surface to work on during maintenance and restoration.

This is especially useful when the bottom of the canal itself has become damaged, as the ground protection mats can create a reliable surface right up to the damaged area, allowing repair work to be carried out safely.


Yes, ground protection mats can even stabilise sand and other loose surfaces, allowing you to build a temporary roadway across a beach to bring ashore items shipped by coastal barge, for example.

This ability to be used in tidal locations can come as a surprise, but as individual mats can be moved quickly and easily into place, it’s a great way to produce a solid surface on any loose substance like sand.

Wherever you plan to use ground protection mats, Timbermat have a range of options to suit you. Call us on 08000 12 1231 to find out how we cal help.

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