Temporary Roadways and Walkways for the Festival Season

Summer is just around the corner, meaning planning for outdoor festivals and events is now in full-swing. And as event managers UK-wide dot the i’s and cross the t’s, one of the most vital aspects is completely out of their control: the great British weather.

The best will in the world can’t stop the heavens from opening and turning your site into a mud bath, but you can take steps to reduce the impact it has.

Building temporary walkways at festivals and outdoor events

Building temporary walkways at key points throughout your site are a simple, effective way to protect the ground from the worst of the elements at outdoor events. Even if it does start raining, temporary walkways will ensure your guests are able to easily navigate the event.

Although this may seem like a daunting process initially, it can actually be relatively simple. The right temporary walkway will be easy to click into place, making installation fast, and can simply follow the plan you have laid out for stands at your event.

The benefits of temporary walkways

Installing temporary walkways can benefit your festival in a number of ways:

Protect the ground

As well we providing a steady surface to navigate during times of rain, temporary walkways help to protect the ground whatever the weather.

Even small events can have hundreds of people walking over a small area in a single day, this can cause serious damage to areas hosting the events. Installing temporary walkways protects the ground from the stampede of people, leaving your staging area looking almost as good as new once you leave.

Not only does this make cleaning up easier, it helps you remain on good terms with the owner of the land being used to host your event.

Allow vehicle access

Many festivals require heavy vehicles to access the site as part of the setup process, something which can be extremely challenging when the event is being hosted on less-than-solid ground.

If you know where vehicles will need to access, you can create temporary roads for them which allow the vehicles to quickly navigate the festival site, making the process of building larger structures much more efficient.

Create staging areas

Final set-up in the days leading up to a larger event is often characterised by vehicles racing in and out and the finishing touches are put together. This can often lead to vehicles being backed up and make the process much less efficient then it otherwise could be.

Temporary walkways can also be used to create staging areas at strategic locations around the site. By using these, all required tools and materials could quickly be dropped at the staging area, making the process much faster and allowing staff to focus on completing construction rather than unloading materials.

And during the festival, areas used for staging in the build-up could easy double-up as a convenient place for visitors to store their possessions or as a medical area.

Make staff and guest access simple

Throughout the festival, you staff will require fast access through crowds to ‘off-stage’ areas as they seek to keep everything moving. Providing walkways for your staff in these areas will allow them to move much faster, helping them do their job more effectively and the festival run as well as possible.

Many festivals also have performers ranging from musicians to comedians to professional speakers. Temporary walkways in backstage locations will ensure their first experience of your event is walking through a muddy field.

Keep the crowds moving

Opening time for any festival sees massive crowds forming at the entrance, as people seek to get in and enjoy themselves as quickly as possible. This is even more pronounced for larger, multi-day events where people will potentially be bringing a small suitcase, camping equipment, and be desperate to get in and grab the best spots.

Temporary walkways leading from the entrance to key areas make it much easier for crowds to filter through, especially those wheeling larger bags, and also makes it easier for you staff to direct guests as appropriate.

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