Why temporary walkway mats matter in dry weather

It’s usually pretty clear why temporary walkway mats are needed in wet weather. They provide a dry, solid surface to walk on, improving grip and helping to reduce damage to bare earth below so it does not become sloppy mud.

But temporary walkway mats are equally crucial in dry weather, to protect against a variety of different risks.

Public events

Summer is of course festival season, but is also the time for all manner of other public events, from open days to outdoor leisure activities.

With good weather comes greater footfall, so temporary walkway mats are a must to keep the ground protected while also marking out the appropriate routes for visitors who might be unfamiliar with how to get around your venue, especially if it includes large open fields or neighbouring sites.

Soil compaction

Soil compaction is one risk in prolonged periods of dry weather. As the moisture content of the earth drops, it can be more prone to compacting underfoot.

Temporary walkway mats help reduce soil compaction by removing direct contact with the ground and by spreading the pressure of each footfall; temporary roadway mats can do the same for larger vehicles, too.

Grass protection mats

Parched grass is less able to withstand shocks, as dry, brittle and brown stems may be broken underfoot.

Again, grass protection mats help to tackle this risk and once the job is completed, the timber mats can be removed and the grass watered (subject to any hosepipe bans) or left open to the rain to recover and regrow.

Dust pollution

Dust pollution is a concern when working with dry materials on dry ground, as it’s easy for powders and granular substances to escape onto the surrounding area.

Ground protection mats provide a barrier against this, which you can easily sweep later, or wet down to prevent dust from flying around into the wider environment.

Summer storms

Finally, remember the dry weather won’t last forever. Timber walkway mats can keep projects on schedule when the dry weather finally turns.

All that loose dry dust and crumbling parched earth can quickly churn into mud if left exposed to the rain – so keep timber walkway mats in place or on standby and you’ll be ready whatever the weather brings.

If you are currently involved in a projects which requires ground protections, talk to us about which timber mats will be best suited to you.

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