It is important to protect the ground on which so many
people will be walking and heavy vehicles travelling over, particularly during
the initial construction of the festival site. Once the festival is over it
needs to be transformed back into its former self; a working farm. Portable
roadways and walkways are used to enable safe access around the site for both
vehicles and pedestrians and also for temporary carparks. Each year, over 20 miles of temporary roadways are laid,
including access walkways in the camping areas. These need to be strong enough
to take the weight of articulated lorries, many of which weigh over 40 tons, as
well as protecting the ground beneath. Most of these roadways are used as farm
tracks during winter. So next summer when you are wandering around Glastonbury or another
festival think about the planning and work that has gone into laying the
temporary walkways that you are strolling along.

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