How bog mats are helping save the environment

Bog mats are a versatile way to protect delicate land against damage during heavy works, excavations and demolitions, but these ground protection mats also help to protect the wider environment in a very real sense.

During use, they provide a physical barrier against any unexpected spills, for example oil, fuel spills or other potentially harmful fluids that can be cleaned up more easily from ground protection mats than from the exposed ground surface.

Timber mats are a sustainable resource, manufactured from several species of European hardwood and tropical hardwood that can be replenished through careful forestry and responsible stewardship.

And because producing or importing these woods into the UK is governed by strict regulations, you can always feel confident that any bog mats for hire or for sale from Timbermat will not contribute towards deforestation anywhere in the world.

In fact, farming timber for the purposes of producing new timber mats has a positive impact on the number of trees in the world, because sustainable practices mean there are always new trees being planted to create timber stocks for the future.

End-of-life timber mats

It’s not only during their manufacture that bog mats can have beneficial effects on the environment; their disposal can also help to close that loop even further.

Again, because timber is a natural product, it can be recycled in many different ways, and will biodegrade much faster than artificial materials like plastic bog mats.

By opting for durable tropical hardwood mats, you can get many years of good service life out of the bog mats you buy, so there should be no environmental impact at all for as long as you keep them in good condition.

Likewise when you hire bog mats from Timbermat, you are helping to reuse a resource many times before its disposal – we only supply timber mats that are still in good condition, but equally we only retire worn mats when it’s necessary to do so.

This balance is a best of both worlds solution, ensuring that our bog mats for hire also have a long service life, and are disposed of in an appropriate way when they are no longer in usable condition.

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