Timbermat supply heavy duty track mats for heavy equipment, vehicles and personnel to safely access a site, and for general ground protection purposes.

We have track mats for hire or to buy, so whether you need one-off ground protection for a single job, or a stock of temporary roadway mats for future use, we’ve got you covered.

Our hardwood trackway mats will provide many years of reliable use under typical working conditions, and are easy to store, transport and reposition in a matter of minutes.

Uses for Track Mats

Heavy duty track mats have a wide range of applications, including the construction of temporary access roads for heavy equipment, crane vehicles and goods deliveries.

Placed end-to-end, track mats can demarcate safe access routes for pedestrians, keeping foot traffic away from heavy plant.

Meanwhile placing heavy-duty mats side-by-side can create staging areas for construction materials, vehicle parking areas and protect the ground during jobs.

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